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8 creatures battles

I was wondering what if we had a battle mode for all 8 creatures? And to win you have to take all the 8 opposing dinos, kinda like pokemon, the battles would last more sure but you would have more room to play with your team creating more diverse tatics, i would persinally like it if it was a it’ own mode not the standard way of battle. Would you guys like to see aomething like that?

Absolutely NOT! Think about how long it will be, probrably can go up to 7-8 minutes a battle, no thank you.


I would like it if there were options to still do 3. Plus it would need 3x the amounts of trophies.

Wait, now that I think about it; never mind. People in the upper arenas will complain because everything has boosts and there is a guarantee that the best dino will come out instead of a 50% chance.

That’s why it’s a different battlr mode not the normal arena, even if friendlies were like that it’d be interesting

Imagine a team of Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops, Monostegotops, Sinoceratops, Dracoceratops, Phorusaura, Edmontoguanodon and Paramoloch.
The amount of swapping and stunning would be insane. That battle would take forever.

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I would like it only If you have to take down 4 creatures instead of 8