8 Dinos left in the shadows


Heres a list of unused dinosaurs i think are overshaded by other dinos. And this is just my speculation, so if im wrong and a lot of people acually use these dinos in online matches… then you are very welcome to correct me!

Anyway, lets begin!

  1. Iguanodon:
    I really like the model and color scheme for the iguanodon, i think that it is kinda cute. But i have never seen anyone use these in a battle, and its often forgoten.

  1. Ophiacodon:
    I use this creature in my team, and i acually think that it is an okay stego-counter. But if you think about an immune creature, ophiacodon is probably not the first thing that you think of.


  1. Carnotaurus:
    The carnotaurus is kinda famous now after Fallen kingdom, but in JW Alive a lot of things changed. Barely anyone uses this dino and maybe thats beacuse its kinda bad…


  1. Diplocaulus GEN 2:
    I have never seen anyone use this dino, and maybe this is the reason: Many people fortet about it, and even if it is remembered it does not have a hybrid.

  1. T-Rex GEN 2:
    I dont really have much to say about this dino… eeeh… i is just a T-Rex but not as good and with zebra stripes. Its not that used, i have not seen anyone use it anyway…


  1. Purussaurus:
    It does not have a hybrid, it is not too good… this poor croc is very uncommon in the battle community.

  1. Stygimoloch gen 2:
    Stygimoloch gen 2 is very similair to normal Stygimoloch, but with worse attacks. Maybe more people would use it if it had instant charge?

  1. Dracorex GEN 2:
    Not so many players use dracorex, but its even worse for dracorex gen 2… worse stats and attacks… poor dracorex…

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I’ve verified these statements, and they all check out.

Good to hear that i was not wrong!:+1::grinning::joy:

#4: Definitely not a dino. Diplocaulus was a labyrinthodont amphibian (giant newt) that predated the mammal-like reptiles and then the true dinosaurs by hundreds of millions of years. Honestly, I have no clue why they added this one.

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The only reason Rex gen2 is in the game - it’s one of the Rexes on Sorna in JP2 and 3. They had the stripey thing going on. The original Rex on Nublar didn’t.


I want Carnotaurus to get some love, that is one mean looking mother. Shame it hasn’t the bite to match it’s bark.


I’ve always wondered why gen two’s are worse than the originals. One would be led to believe the 2nd or 3rd generations would be improved???

However, a lot of the Dino’s (not all) you mentioned are simply used to create hybrids.

Not all of Wu’s “improvements” turned out better than the originals. This is why Rex gen2 was killed by Spino so easily in JP3. If it had been the original genome, it would have torn through Spino like nothing else. I think one of the problems with the Gen2 series in general was that they tried to tone down aggressiveness in certain species. Spino was an accident in the first place, Wu wasn’t even trying to make one.

And then there was the DX virus, which was engineered to kill off the dinos after the second incident. This didn’t work as planned, and as a result, a lot of species on Sorna died out entirely from DX.

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Is that why the Gen 2 Spino is considered an epic whereas the Gen 1 is Rare? The first one was a mistake but Wu decided to take the lemons and make lemonade. :thinking:

No one knows for sure if there was a second spino on Sorna, as the records Wu left show them only making the one. Knowing him, there might well be a second one.

Maybe it isn’t on Sorna. As I recall, the Spino from JP 3 was essentially abandoned there to die.

I mean, they have been talking about the next JW having a rematch between Rexy and Spino. Maybe there was a 2nd-gen Spino.

Sorna was where ingen’s genetics facility was located. Site B was where dinos were made and hatched, then they were sent to Nublar when they were big enough. Spino was created on Sorna as part of an illegal experiment, which was why it was left behind to die when ingen evacuated the facility ahead of the hurricane that wiped it out.

Needless to say, from what I understand, Sorna is a wasteland now. Mt. Sibo’s eruption most likely choked Sorna with ash and debris, killing off all but the strongest dinos left.

Generally speaking the further away from the original genetic code the more it gets ‘mixed up’
Using the Savannah cat(which i would love to have)as a real world example a F1 hybrid will display more of the serval side which is wanted and the further down the generational scale(f2,f3) you go the more mixed and balanced the genetic code becomes.
I imagine it is the same with the dinos with the gen1 being dna fron amber and the gen 2 being dna from the already mixed genetics of the gen 1.

I like where your head is at. However, we learn from past experiences in general and mostly improve on them. But, I truly understand your thought process.

This game needs a Spinosaurus that can compare to T-Rex/Allosaurus as an absolute minimum.

Can cross one of those at least off…just faced a lvl 22 Stygi Gen 2 about an hour ago in the arena…lol. In Ruins no less!

I imagine it was a cake walk. As I recall, it doesn’t even have a SIA.

The rest of their team made up for it…though I’m guessing ultimately the win was mine because of Stygi Gen 2. At best it was a damage soak for them, but I think it got off all of 1 attack in total. Though I’ll admit seeing it pop out threw me off for a moment lol

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Dragorex Gen2 got a lot of curse from me as they’re now spawning at night time, the same time as my precious velociraptor.