8 Hour Battle Incubators


How are the dinosaurs you get from the battle incubators supposed to work? As I have noticed recently that the 8 hour incubators from both arenas 6 and 7 have been giving me a guaranteed 13 DNA of Stygimaloch but looking at the exclusive dinosaurs and incubator dinosaurs listed on those arenas shouldn’t I be getting some guaranteed Baryonyx Gen 2 and Stygimaloch Gen 2 DNA?


8 hours is an epic incubator and the only epic exclusive is Stygimoloch.Until there is another epic exclusive you will get only him.All the others exclusive they will come with rare incubators


Your 8 hour incubators will always give you 13 DNA guaranteed from Stygi, because he is an arena exclusive epic—the only way to collect his DNA is from winning in the arena. Your 8 hour incubator can also give you DNA from any other epic dino available from the arenas you’ve advanced through. The other epics aren’t guaranteed tho, because they are not arena exclusives—you have the opportunity to collect their DNA in the wild.


Thank you, that makes sense :smile: