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8 hour epic incubators nerfed

Has anyone else noticed that the 8 hour epic incubators almost only give out styg and alanqua DNA “ONLY” now, no more epic DNA of any other creatures!? I have gotten Alanq or styg or combo of both for last 8 epic incubators and my last 15 or so 3hr rare incubators also giving styg or alanq instead of useful DNA when I’m lucky enough to pull epic DNA on them. This is quite possibly the biggest stealth Nerf in history of the game and I’m considering quitting if the epic DNA situation doesn’t change!!!

Sorry, must be my bad… I’ve gotten more Anky DNA the last 2-3 days than I think I ever have before from incubators!


Was it from 24 hour incubator though!? Something is seriously up with arena incubators my progress completely hit a wall past week

i just got 100 dna of pyro plus 23 of stygi in an 8hr yesterday. or maybe that was a daily lol nvm

I’m spending couple K hard cash to speed through and the 15 min incubators seem to be giving better DNA than 8hour

I’ve never received Kentro, in any update or meta. However, since 1.5 I’ve gotten some sino, ourano, and Trex. Not a lot, only once or twice each, but at least some.

Nah, was just a run of the mill 8hr… was 23 Anky and 24 Stygi I believe.

Just 8 hours. Silly enough, I’ve actually been given epic DNA from 3 hours on three different incubators. However every time it was Pteranodon

It’s not like the 8 hours can’t give useful DNA it’s just another roll of the dice has been introduced can get complete dud 8 hour incubators now they used to have a decent amount of useful DNA now you can get them full of trash

I got 15 Kentrosaurus DNA from a 8hr incubator today.

I had just lvl tuoramoloch to 22 and alanklyo to 21 before creating this cringe worthy stockpile that should be erliko and sino(cause I was in Lockwood for most of it and aviary intermittently) :cry:!!! 8 hour incubators have been nerfed!!! Wait a few days for the whole community to realise! and get up in arms waiting 8 hours or spending cash to speed and getting non stop alanqua and styg is so not cool!!! My wallet and me are thinking time to be finding a better game to go spend my expendable income on is all im saying, Preach!

Every incubator I open is pure crap. Nothing but useless dna and so many birds. This game is spiraling into oblivion.

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My last 8-hr gave me the usual 23 Styg but also 100 T-Rex. Got 100 Anky a week or so.

The rng that makes incubators is the same rng that covers the game mechanics and you get hot and cold streaks… i had a period back in 1.4 where i got raja dna in every 8 hour incubator during a 2 week period. It was crazy.

Got garbage all week and then a hundo of rex this morning :man_shrugging:t4:

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I received Epic in the 6 hour today. Do not remember what it was but it surprised me.

The last 8-hr one gave me Baryonyx and Alanqa. There was a few times even the free incubators gave me epic DNA. The last 24-hr one gave me 17 Tyrannolo DNA. Not bad.

I was also on a streak of hot garbage till today… got a 24 hr with 308 sino and 50 some pyro


For the win! That’s pure gold! :raised_hands:t4::tada:

I got 100 erlik in one just yesterday.

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