8 hour incubator


Why is my 8 hour incubator giving me 13 guaranteed DNA for head butting dino when I’m not even in battle arena 5 and haven’t been for a long time… I’m not getting any pyroraptor DNA for my battle arena 6 at all :cry:



You get that in every 8hr incubator no matter the level


You’ll need him for hybrids.


They changed the incubators to guarantee some bonus dna from one of the exclusive dinos of the same rarity as best dna in the incubator.

The incubators can have exclusives from the arena you are in or below.

It is the only epic that is an arena exclusive.


But why just one? Doesn’t matter which arena I’m in, I still get 13 DNA of that dino, which I think it should represent which arena your in as to what DNA you receive.


Stygi is the ONLY arena exclusive epic. There were complaints that arena only dinos were not showing up enough in incubators before and they cannot be found in the wild. The fix being now you will always get exclusive DNA, plus dna from one other in any arena of yours and below.


Ah ok. Just thought it had been a long time offer that the stygi was included