8 hour incubators question

This is my new 8 hour incubator but my question is why do I always get guaranteed stygimaloch. for the last couple of months it’s all I’ve ever got in the 8 hour incubators and it just seems odd I never get anything else guaranteed. Anyone else have a similar problem …

Styggy currently is useless, but that’s all anyone gets as guaranteed.

So everyone gets it ?. Kinda stupid that no matter what arena you’re in all you get guaranteed is that cos as you say it’s not that great would defo appreciate something else

It does have a fusion that was recently improved, but again, still not worth all the styggy dna they shove down your throat

Yeah I’ve got the purple stunner from it up to 18 but as soon as I opened the indo it was out of my team so now it’s gonna be wasted dna

She is an Arena exclusive. She doesn’t spawn in the wild. She can be hybridized to Paramoloch the stun queen. They just chose to make her an exclusive. Blue also is exclusive to special offers and events. Brachiosaurus was not available in the US for a while and was just introduced a few months ago.

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Yeah I get the arena exclusivety but I was getting it in sorna for ages and that’s my first 8 hour Jurassic ruins incubator and I’m still getting it . Was hoping moving up an arena would change it

Once you hit L20 you can use Paramoloch to fuse Tuoramoloch. Mine’s L20 and has been benched in favour if L18 Spinotasuchus; I swap it back in every now and again though - in the right circumstances its a beast; in the wrong ones its a liabiliy but I guess you can say that about quite a few.

When you will reach Lockwood Estates, in which Alanqa is another epic that doesn’t spawn in the wild, in every 8 hours incubators you can receive or Stygi or Alanqa.

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I use it for the purposes of this :woman_shrugging:t2:


No she is not. She has great legendary hybrid and also unique hybrid which is so bad atm so it will eventually get buff.

Well as I just got beat back down to sorna I mite be a while :grinning:

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