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8 to 25+ Dino Teams & Trophy Wins vs Losses

Instead of an 8 dino team or even a 10 or 12 dino team. Let us have the ability to pick any amount of creatures starting with 8 to as many as we want in our selection for the JWA to pick from.

See picture of trophy’s you can win vs lose:

Also for every 250 trophy’s a team is below or above will add or subtract from how many trophy’s you win or loose.

With only the 8 creatures we have now the win loss ratio would not be great with only 16 for wins and -40 for losses. Then if you lose to someone 250 or 500 trophy’s below you, you would only gain 14 or 12.

Now take having JWA randomly pick from 25 creatures. If you lose, you only lose 6 trophy’s. If you lose to someone with a team of just 750 trophy’s higher, you lose nothing. But if you win, you win 50 trophy’s.

We all see the problem with having a team of 25 or more because there isn’t 25 really good dino’s and you chance a weak team so you get a bigger win vs loss.

As can be seen, you would need 14 creatures for selection to have a 50/50 win vs loss ration.
If there is a way to bring a big variety to the arena, this would do it. This would need a boost reset and would really have everyone thinking long and hard as to where to put them. Do you spread them out to many dino’s or make one team or 8 to tier 6 or 7 as we have now?

I’m using a random number generator to pick from 100 creatures I have and I get some good teams and some really bad ones and it does make it interesting because I do still win with some interesting combinations. I’m not caring whether I win or lose though. I’m just bringing some life to my game and creatures my opponents don’t generally see. It’s fun.

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