8 Win Battle Chest

This is the one aspect of the game that I feel REALLY needs an adjustment. Getting 8 wins to unlock the chest seems like total overkill for what the chest gives you. Just getting to 8 wins takes an enormous amount of time, I feel like it should be cut in half to 4 wins. You also have to remember that you gain nothing when you win. Most games like Clash Royale etc. will at least throw a few gold coins your way as you gain rank points. Not this. It’s just punishingly brutal and takes forever to get all those wins.
Most of the time when my rank gets high enough up where I know I can’t get wins, I just watch TV and hit battle over and over for the next hour to take my rank down. That way it doesn’t take me 2 hours to gain my pvp chest when it’s ready. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way?


I do absentee pvp to drop my ranking, too. It’s clearly a bad design when your only option is to deliberately not put any effort into the battles just so you can actually have fun from time to time.

Here’s my suggestion to solve this problem. Basically, your chest counter would be incremented based on the number of kills you get in PVP, so even if you loose you progress towards the brawl chest.

Yeah, that kinda like the crown chest in Clash Royale and the phones destroyed is South Park Phone destroyer.
If you lost in Clash 3-2 it still gave you the 2 crown credit for your 10 crown battle chest unlock.
South Park at launch made you get 5 wins to earn your pvp pack. They realized how long it was taking players to get the wins so they changed it to phones destroyed. (Kinda set up a lot like Clash. Each player starts off with 3 phones and you win the matches by destroying phones.)
Regardless, this 8 win count battle chest needs to be addressed in some way.