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80000 EPIC DNA mission...who done it and how?

Anyone has this as mission and done it?
Pls share how to do it apart from hunting.

Fusing, strike tower incs, arena incs, and lots of hunting. And we still only hit 60,000 over several days.


Fusing is the easiest way to do it. Mixed with epic attempts and everything said above.


so did your alliance manage to complete this?
is crazy

We completed it easy, with @Scubasteve. It is not as hard as it sounds. It’s only 1600 dna per member if you have 50. You said over several days so that’s down to like 500 per day per member. This weekend we get 15 attempts and these dinos are easy to dart. So even if they only dart 100 per attempt that’s 1500 each right there, without even fusing or incubators which also make up a lot.


No, but I’m in a blah alliance. I really need to find a better one, more active. I’ve had top contributor in like 2/3 of the exploration tasks only going about my day.


Bunners, do u want to join us? we have 40 solid players, very active and very cooperative.
We complete the missions with 2 days to spare, except Defense we let go the last rank due to 4000 battles.
We have certain way to speed up the mission, so if u want to join, search for DracoHunter.
What’s your level and u play daily?

Thanks…just realised we have 15 epic attempts, so is easy…

I appreciate the offer. The single biggest reason I stay where I am is because I play with my son. He’s young, under 10. So limited play time and he can’t do much on the tasks. I carry the load for both of us in the current place, but it wouldn’t feel right essentially taking two spots in an active, dedicated group.

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Is ok then, our alliance already in exploration rank 4 more than 12 hours ago (sorry use this as don’t know our time difference)…
We are already close to 30k out of 80k Epic DNA…wonderful team play…not high level players…but very united.

I’m in the same boat with 3 children. You & your son are welcome to join our alliance, however we are only trying for level 3 in the first & level 2 in the 2nd. So you may already be better off than we are. We are Dinosquad1969

Isn’t it 80k epic DNA collection mission was supposed to be for rank5? We’ve got this mission for rank4 this time. Anybody else got this mission for rank4?

We just got it today when we reached rank 4.

As far as I remember 80k epic was for rank5. Even I posted it above few weeks ago. So now they made missions more difficult :thinking: imagining 120 or 160k epic for rank5. Ludia is hopeless :unamused:

But once you reach rank 5 you don’t have to do any more missions. It stops there. So right now our incubator shows rank 4 progressing to rank 5. Which means we are technically on the last set of missions and there won’t be any higher than this.


Ahh sorry my bad I thought we’ve completed rank3 and currently on rank4. You’re right. Thanks

Don’t worry, no-one would blame you if Ludia did change it to try and take away people reaching Rank 5!

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