9* Alpha DOWN - Valhalla's Finest

After dealing with insane amounts of bugs on every alpha, Valhalla’s Finest has started taking down 9* dragons!! 10* here we come! (please disregard the NewName bug lol I snapped this when I was sleepy)

Valhalla’s Finest is the flagship clan of the Valhalla family, which includes Valhalla’s Outlaws and Valhalla’s Children.


What power level are most of your guild members? Just trying to get an idea of what is required.

We have quite a range; some members are in the mid 5k range but our highest powered member’s team is upper 7k (almost 8k) and most are in the 6k range.

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Ok thanks for replying

Wow! That’s amazing…we have trouble with 2* :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! Keep working hard :slight_smile: I’m sure you will get more powerful alphas soon!


Here is our current clan overview that all members and prospects sign on to… if you are interested send a private reply and we’ll stay in touch as Valhalla keeps going and growing :slight_smile:


  1. USE ALL HITS which means something slightly different according to clan and to battle, see below; also, it’s up to an individual player to take responsibility figuring out how to manage those hits and energy refill in the time window (like getting in the first hit as close to alpha launch as possible.

  2. read & participate in Discord server(s) at least daily, at minimum in designated #alpha-chat

  3. if one of player hits gets eaten by a bug or otherwise derailed, notify the clan immediately in #alpha-chat

  4. take direction from leadership team gracefully and get help when needed or asked

  5. high level of activity and progress in the game, whether as a free-to-play or real-currency player, or mixture of both.


Valhalla’s Finest

Finest is Valhalla’s flagship clan, with a truly bonkers level of commitment and participation. Finest will constantly be pushing the envelope to battle and defeat the highest alpha possible. To play in Finest, you must not only have a well-developed dragon roster (5500K power minimum), good game skills, and a consistent high damage record, but also demonstrate that you can follow through on the following:

  • 8 hits per alpha battle, or add’l damage achievement that compensates for any missed hit
  • don’t put your best battle dragons in the breedery during an alpha battle unless you’re willing to speed breed them out whenever you need to make a hit
  • strong team player and positive attitude
  • great communication
  • willing to go above and beyond in all ways, but especially in prioritizing alpha battle and team development over individual achievement and progress when necessary

Players will move in & out of Finest because the commitment level is so high, and because the alpha ceiling is a constantly moving target; that should be a natural rhythm that goes with real life events and the ups and downs of playing as well as the game evolution.

Valhalla’s Outlaws

Outlaws (4500 power minimum) is Valhalla’s core clan of players, those moving up as well as those taking a break from the intensity of Finest or needing to further develop their dragons. We expect 100% commitment and participation, but not at the same level as Finest. Outlaws are expected to remain consistent with:

  • 7 hits per alpha battle
  • 15K damage range per hit
  • strong team player and positive attitude
  • great communication

Some players will find their happy place in Outlaws and never move up or down; some will want to use it as a learning space to get to Finest; either is fine.

Valhalla’s Children

Children is the point of entry for Valhalla’s family, with a lower threshold for admission (3500 power approximate) and level of commitment but still high demand for participation. To stay in Children and begin moving through Valhalla, players must remain consistent with:

  • 6 hits per alpha battle
  • growing the dragon roster
  • developing game knowledge and skills
  • team player and positive attitude
  • communication, including participation in the separate but linked Children Discord server

Children will be where some people will discover that Valhalla is not for them, and that’s OK. We’ll help figure out where/what might be a better fit!

Last revised 6/10/2019

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