9 Apex Theme Teams

I played 8 of these but here are all my Apex anchored Teams in alphabetical order.
I only have one creature that is used on more than one team so 9 teams, 71 different creatures.

Team Actovas:
Team Antlers
This team was fun with al the antlers and did quite well. I want to level some of these guys up some more.

Team Hadros:
Team Hadros Healers
A little more difficult to play but I did win. They all have a heal or two.

Team Hydra:
Team Snakes
This was my favorite so far and wish they had just one more snake.

Team Lux: (armored)
Team Lux Armored
I tried a team with all turtles but was horrible. This one won one with the help of other better high armored creatures.

Team Magnus:
Team Magnus
This is a great solid team. It will be worth leveling a few of these.

Team Maximus:
Team Maximus
Like the deer team, this one does quite well and fun to play.

Team Ref:
Team Ref
This is a team in the making, all with double lobes on their heads. I won’t be playing this till I move a couple up to at least 20.

Team Rex:
Team Rex
I tried this team with a couple other compers but did not go well. I hope this one will go a little better with both Indominus Rex’s to have 5 Rex’s on one team.

Team Trebax (Revengers):
Team Trebax
After every death comes revenge as they all have it along with the same body types.
This is kind of a fast chomper team so I can sometimes out speed opponents on the revenge moves.