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9 characters 8 slots

So I noticed that we have 9 playable characters but we can only unlock 8… kinda makes me wonder if I screwed up my whole game now by unlocking the wrong characters. Who do you guys leave out?

They have already stated you will be able to unlock the 9th. How you do it will depend on tour renown. The Paladin is currently in early access and will be available to everyone next month iirc.

The beta started without the bard, it was released the same way last Feb. So it looks like we’ll get new characters at least once maybe twice a year.

I’m looking forward to the Druid. Hopefully it comes before the monk/sorc.

I’m wondering how the sorcerer would be different than the wizard… Monk would be interesting, I wonder if they’d factor in a higher movement speed, though wouldn’t the class be somewhat similar to what Naomlen currently does? Druid would definitely be the best option though!

I actually leave out my rogue. melee is generally not a good option due to push backs, and more often than not, Rogue gets dominated, and is in melee range of my heroes lol.

Also keep in mind, the PALADIN is NOT worth using, except in rare cases where u have her legendary accessory for debuff and removal, and even then, swapping for say rogue, is an immense loss of damage potential