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90 free challenges book of bravery

Why do I have an active book of bravery on the same day as I am supposed to complete 2 very time consuming explore events? Why do ludia do these things?

Hello Herpderp,
Every Tuesday during the Twitch Live Play Adventure: The Anvil of Dumathoin (Starts at 2 pm ET and goes for roughly 3 hours) Viewers are given the choice between two books to vote for. On Thursday the same week, Whichever book won the vote becomes active. The length of the book is active is based on how many unique viewers the episode has.

This week’s vote was between the book of bravery and grimoire of gold. The week before was the atlas of adventure and Treatise of time.

If you want to catch up on the story each Thursday we upload Tuesdays episode to our Youtube channel:

Thanks for the explanation Keith. However, I think the point is that many feel you are already racing the clock to do the explore event, so the book is either going to be wasted or you use the book instead.

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Exactly. What you said :wink:
That and I know allot of members don’t do Twitch. And have no idea about these votes. Personally I don’t want to load In a program that I’ll only ever use for this one thing.

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Not using twitch is a very good point. The rewards from new episodes has become a thing to click read to open up page then quickly close just to get it out of my mail. I tried to watch a few early on to try to get rewards (but they didn’t work in mobile browser) and wasn’t going to install another app for it.

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Yes thank you. As others have pointed out the post is about how too many events are crammed into one day meaning people cant do them. Never used twitch or even been able to get the rewards for opening the streams but that is a whole other issue. Your post is just proving how out of touch ludia is with player concerns

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Between the three weekly streams they give out ~250 gems a week on Twitch so it’s worth it to me. I’m not a fan of Thursday rewards, but you can’t really say Ludia is out of touch with their players when they do things in response to player polls.

Since the start people have complained about the explore events being only 24 hours long. There is no reason for this to be so short and could easily be changed to 48 hours but they refuse to do so. Then to make matters worse they give out 90 free challenges on the same day. Its tough to use all these at the best of times without it being on the same day of a 5 hour explore event. Its like ludia believe their players dont have work/school/families etc and can spend 12 hours a day playing. To suggest that ludia are anything other than out of touch with their players is laughable. Its either that or they enjoy doing the opposite of what the players want.

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I’m not sure that they are as out of touch with their players as you think. I know a number of players who have no interest in the return events. They cost a lot of gems, can be difficult since they scale on renown rather than party level, and take hours to finish. Those players saw a day of free challenges as the only “event” on Thursday.
Free challenges may be meaningless to me since I have more gold than I can spend, but to the newer players who can’t always afford to level their characters it’s a big boon.

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Events that start USA time zones I never get to play. So I have no idea what they are. It just part of the game some time zones have an advantage