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90% of the green supply drops are with Indoraptor

How are we supposed to do the 9 attempts on epic dinosaurs when we have so few green drops and almost all of them are with Indoraptor? Who needs so much Indoraptor when we have only 1 attempt…


Same here, RIP TRex.

@E.D please take this feedback back to Ludia - When you have a unique attempt, when that attempt is used it should convert to an epic spawn. I mean lets make this game more player friendly.


Only managed 2 of 9 attempts and running out of time… :man_shrugging: Previously always manage to hit all 9 attempts.

I got 1 on Saturday, cause I had a green drop at home (it is now a green drop with Indoraptor), and two today. And I was biking throw the whole city…

Same here, 3 within 50 meters of each other hold indo .
Got till now only 2/9 T-rex

This is really a great idea. I hope Ludia likes it.

I very much agree, I had to drive around and out of way just to find those epics I need. I haven’t hit all 9 attempts this week and was not able to do the same last week

I’m 4/9 currently. Going to find rest of them now. Also more Indos on green drops than epics.

I had 0 attempts on TRex, I went out today as I could see one near an epic tower and another one a bit further long. I leave the house, walk to the tower, oh it’s changed to Pachy, look over to the other one, oh that’s changed to Pachy. Screw you Ludia!

The only saving grace was I got 225 TRex dna from the epic tower.

Yea me too! Was hoping and praying to get T-Rex dna from epic tower. Wish granted and was able to lvl up indo to lvl28. Finally able to try stage 72 of campaign with 4 lvl28 dinos.

no Trex from epic towers for me… Indoraptor is Lvl 30 so I dont need it, but Trex for Tryko…

It’s ridiculous. It’s a love/hate getting a unique or legendary because of this issue.

I did manage to dart 112 on Indo so was pleased with that, although I could have got more, but on the last 2 darts I had some random dog come charging into my groin that rather disrupted what I was doing!

Damn park drops! :joy:

The one park where I know now there will be green drops and this happens. First time in awhile I haven’t finished darting epics.

If we DO get Maxima this Sunday, I will be darting all my epics on Saturday.

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Do I live in a little area of true bliss?

9 green drops, 7 epic and 2 Indo (example below). When I got into work this morning only green was Indo

I couldn’t unlock smilonemys because of the strikes, I barely used 3/9 on Pachycephalosaurus

Even better, those green drops should all spawn either epics or uniques! Too complicated to program I guess. Friday I didn’t find a single Indominus…

Anyway, managed to get 8 trex and 1 pachy while driving through the city 3 times, took about 2 hours.

Officially Friday. Didn’t see any until it was supposed to be gone on Saturday either.
Yeah, one in the very distance that I could of course not reach at that moment. And now a gazillion Indoraptors.
Come on Ludia.

My fault,…Indoraptor and not Indominus… .never mind

Why not those specials like indo and the coming Ardentismaxima in normal orange supply drops?
Than we keep the green for the rare or epics.

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