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95 Boosts A Week Means

Boosts are now in green drops, and they give 6 of every boost.

You get 4 boosts from Daily Battle incubators, making 70 boosts a week.

If you also complete your boost strike towers, which give you 25 boosts you get 95 boosts a week.

So this equals 4940 boosts annually, or 49 tiers, assuming you do all these things…

That seems gamebreaking, but cool for FTP players. Thoughts, anyone?


As long as Ludia doesn’t reset boosts anymore after rebalancing stuff, it’s probably going to benefit people overall.


Don’t you get 2 battle incubators a day? That’s just what I have seen.

They only stack for 3 days. If you miss 3, you get 3 battle incubators. Afterwards, they stay 3.

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I mean, there are 3 teams you need to run if you want to be 100% active - a PvP team, a tournament team (typically multiple) and a raid team. They kinda need to do this if they want to keep upping the amount of teams we need.

No, they are daily battle incubators. They do stack, so if you didn’t open one you can open 2 the next day though.


Didn’t think of it that way. I only focus on a PVP team, but some may focus on all 3

The more f2p the better since I’m f2p lol

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This is only a nightmare for unboosted players though, which is 1/8 of my team because only Orion is boosted now…

Imo the best way to salvage the unboosted vs boosted play is to limit boosts in lower pvp arenas forcefully just like we see with raids. Ideally you do the same with levels, since anyone can dart uniques during events and a 21 has no business on a team of 12-14 creatures in low arenas. Just force caps on certain “tiers” of arena and then unlock the restrictions at aviary or lockwood. Would probably make things much more fun for new players or people uninterested in dealing with whale teams that rely on drawing one wildly overboosted creature.

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I think its great. Its still balanced for ludia because you have to max out the green supply drops daily for this to work. Of course people are still gonna buy boosts in the market with actual money or hard cash they save up.

I spent a month unboosted after 2.0 and honestly, I almost regret boosting back! The whole time, I only went down one arena! During that time, I could swap any dino in my team anytime I wanted! Game is so much more enjoyable when you can swap dinos at will, and funnily, the monthly prize difference for dropping one arena, is ridiculously small. So if tomorrow there was another boost reset, I think I would only re-invest my actual boosts on my raid dinos, and some tournament dinos… So, with all the boosts I have grinded since the beginning of the game, I would already have more than enough for that already. Only wondering how often they will rotate the Apex raid dinos eventually… Worrying about needing one dino fully boosted for each could be costly.

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I thought boosts weren’t added until some point in 2019?

They were! This was a figure of speech… Easier to say since the beginning of the game, rather than trying to find when they were introduced… After all, both sentences are still true…