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9th Tier, 10/9, 3/4 Raids! 5 Spots open for Active Alliance looking to improve! (No Drama)

EastCoast has 5 spots open.

Message me or send a request to join. Alliance info/requirements below!

• 9th Tier Championship reward
• 10/9 alliance rewards
• 3/4 Raids

• Do Daily Missions
• Join our discord! (All rules/expectations laid out in Discord)
• 3.5k+
• Full contribution to our Target Sanctuary! We set up a list to make sure that the most popular Dinos are added to the TS in order of priority.

Just sent a request — waiting on approval

Thanks! My bad for the late response here, but if the request came up I definitely responded. I’m assuming you have a different username than “Helios” cause I don’t remember seeing that username coming up last week. Either way, if you aren’t in an alliance or want to check ours out, feel free to send another request.

i have sent a request.
i’m in Aviary
my high score is 4709