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A 110 fuse?


I didn’t know it was possible and wish I would have got a screen shot.


Pic or didn’t happen!


I got one once too ,

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With my luck, I’m more likely to get 100 consecutive 10s, than a 110 :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:


I’ve never had that happen before and only got 100 a few times.


One day when it happens to you, maybe today, tomorrow or whenever then you can think maybe I shouldn’t have typed that.


Ppl posted this before and it was because the connection. You actually fused twice, for example, once was 100, the second time was 10. Somehow because of the connection (you weren’t aware either), it didn’t show the fusing properly.

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That’s definately what happened, my reception was borderline crappy so that would make sense.


Ssshhhhh we don’t want the devs to find out…