A another mode?

The only modes in this game is pvp which can get boring and frustrating in the same time. But thats not the point, the point is that why not make another mode thats isnt pvp? Like we can fight with bots too earn gold only. almost like a practice mode, i know there are strike tower but i seriusly hated to go out far away just to play a bot battle.

Another suggestion
Also add items to add damage or defense for dinos? One slot is enough. So it balance put the rng system.

Comn ludia this game is too good to be bland.

theres also, you know, the hunting dinosaurs part of the game too.

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AND the grinding part as well.

The recent addition of alliances has made this less … “bland”
As have the regularly scheduled strike events and the continuation of weekly themed dinos.

Making progress Ludia and definitely heading in the right direction. Now just fix that DARN* damage counter :joy:

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