A/B Test Leagues

Why not A/B test leagues?

Boost League could be the way it currently is.

Raw League could be without boosts.

General League could be a league with no boosts and a cap on how far you fall to discourage dropping.

Maybe even a Balance League where certain dinos are not allowed to be played.

People could play the way they want and Ludia would get some good feedback. If leagues remained, you could change the rewards based on how hard it is to win in that league, or even the resources it takes to compete in a specific league.

Pros: More people may play since they are not subjected to boosts or droppers. It would be easier to gauge how good of a player you are playing the way you want. It could allow for the exploration of data that may save the game in the future. It would allow for a skewed way of removing boost without actually removing them - if you like your boosts, play in the boost league.

Cons: It may, at least for a time, split the player base and make it harder to find opponents. It may alienate whales if everyone ditches on the boost league.

I am sure there are more pros and cons. Just a thought. I would consider playing again if something like this existed.