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A Backup Maxima for raids

So we all know that maxima is inbalanced and will likely get nerfed. This will make those raids much, MUCH harder, so ladies and gentlemen I present to you the solution. Introducing…


Now you may be wondering how lasmus would help in mortem raids, I’ll tell you that the moves it would use are better than maxima’s for this raid, as he trades the DSR for RI, and mortem raids don’t require DSR (unless you don’t get rid of the minions turn one). It would need some boosts to function properly, but mortem raids are incredibly demanding. WARNING: This is merely me trying to find a back up in the eventuality that maxima gets nerfed. This is NOT me presenting a new raid strat that works every time

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too back during the Epic tournament. The only problem is that it could get a hybrid eventually, so finding someone with the resources and the will to level it up will be troublesome.


Thor says hi


Yep. As @thomasinho says, our good friend Thor fills the gap.

Was on a successful raid last night where someone brought Thor in instead of Max.

Got a massive 10 DNA too :joy:

I’m somehow worried about the nerfs they make. They aren’t simple small tweaks. Look at indo g2. People invested a lot of time and resources into leveling indo g2 (like myself)…now I don’t even use it in my team.
Imagine that next time they nerf your maxima you won’t get your boosts back. Is that a good thing? Constantly moving the carrot?
In reality sauropods were the OP “build” of jurassic, in this game you want them nerfed to hell. I’d rather have hard dinos to come by that are strong and not prone to be nerfed…
I have a maxima but it’s nowhere near the level required for mortem raids or anything. I just don’t like to work on a dino to lvl 23-24 and then it becomes useless and wasted time…
Instead of nerfing the dino to hell, maybe add a few viable counters - thyla is one of them. If you add 1-2 more viable counters, people won’t complain anymore, since a dino like maxima is meant to be strong/endgame dino.
If you simply decrease maxima’s health or dmg, you make it weak against everybody, thus it would make more sense to allow some other dinos to bleed it.

That’s my opinion…


Ludia seem to go by the rule the bigger they are, the harder they fall

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I would very much like more bleeders to step up and become able to 1v1 Maxima. Nerf or not the arena needs this


Thor works, but it requires a lot more levels and boosts both on it and the rest of the team. It also can’t taunt.

just use ardontosaurus: almost same moves and comparable stats , ardonto has more attack but lower health than maxima

Because its overpowered as hell and ludia don’t know how to balance it,he will probably in 2.2 (not 2.1,everytime something is too op,it take 2 update)
But i think in one update maxima will:
-lose his dsr for a simple impact
-Crit lower from 30 to 10
-armor lower from 15 to 10
-hp lower to 6000 to 5200
-damage lower to 1300 to 1000

Yup,he will be bad,but then,the glorious time of this monster will be over and there will be another meta dino

It doesn’t need to become bad.
This rework would balance It just fine:

5700 HP
1150 damage
106 speed
20% crit
Resilient strike/definite strike
Group decelerating impact
Taunting shattering rampage
Instant invincibility taunt

And you consider that a good thing? We lose all the boosts we invested in it…I’d rather add 2-3 more bleeders, maybe even a thyla superhybrid to 1v1 maxima. I think also mortem will be a valid counter.
Some dinos should stay strong, they are unique after all.

Look at how bad grypholith is now, I worked for it and unlocked it and it stays on the sides, just like nemys, which is an even harder to obtain dino and even more irrelevant now.

Some uniques like those should stay strong imho…not without counters, but strong enough to deserve a spot in any team.

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Thyla is a superhybrid, so don’t count on that happening.

There’s plenty of bleeders that could be buffed to beat Maxima though, it isn’t even difficult.

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You put ALL YOUR BOOSTS in something YOU KNOW it will be nerf
Maxima is so strong even bleeder except thyla (which will almost die) can’t do anything.
You are the only one to blame if you put your 30 boosts in this monster.

If tomorrow,resilient is cancel and they give indoG2 more than 7500HP,OF COURSE,i won’t boost it to hell!!

You forget the rule number 1: “putting all eggs in one basket is strongly discouraged.”

grypholith ,maybe one day he will receive a small buff,i tried it and damn he is bad.
nemys?smilonemys?the easier unique now to make?the one with 3 GLOBAL epic?of course he is not strong ,at least he just deserve to be average.

I hope nobody added ALL their boosts in maxima.

I think it makes sense if you put work towards something to have higher chances to win. Adding more counters for maxima? - yes. Giving it free to other players and then nerfing it to hell for everybody? - it’s just frustrating for people that worked for it back when it was more difficult to get.

Regarding smilonemys - it wasn’t as easy to get before. Now it’s in a raid and the 3 EPICS are easier to come by (looking and carbonemys and Pachycephalosaurus - remember it was arena exclusive). Other uniques don’t require 3 epics, just saying…we worked hard for it and now everybody can get it and it’s nerfed to hell…where’s the reward for our work? It’s sitting there, on the bench…

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For me, idk, I don’t see why people complain so much about top dinos. If you don’t have a dino, work for it.
There should be a set of 10-15 dinos that are top and must have imo and they should stay hard to get and be the aim of all the players.
The team is composed of 8 dinos for a reason. People should find a way to balance their team in a manner that counters anything they will face most of the time.

I would rather complain about the RNG when it comes to dinos selection when you battle, about crits and the chances to dodge, than complain about a dino that I can ACHIEVE if I work for it long enough…

If I work for something (as a f2p player) it takes me over 1 year to max it…right? Then you pull the rug under my feet and nerf my hard work…or give everything free and make other players catch up in a matter of weeks.

Anyway…it’s just a personal opinion, but I don’t like having my hard work gone to waste, just because people complain because they don’t want to work towards that dino. I’d rather have a few more counters added into the game to balance things out, instead of making my work for the past months irrelevant (that includes boosts).


Then it becomes just an obvious money grab…just saying…boost are enough of a money grab already.
Nerfing people’s hard work and wasting their boosts and time is another level of “theft” imo.

Well said @IndominusFlex.

I agree totally with your stance.

Enough with all the nerfing of creatures. Create new counters instead. With 2.0 I have to bench my L30 Tryo, L30 Tragod and L30 Indorap.

Months and years of effort went into the drain in just one update…

Brontolasmus has a shielding strike, two rampages and an impact with higher hp and same amount of damage. Some type of shielidng strike, Definite Impact, Taunting Rampage, Decelerating Rampage.

Nissan Maxima a good car too hehe a maxima raid would be fun i love my maxima.