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A bad update

My concerns now for ludia which i hope they look into are:

  1. How do you now do your “check and balance” in arena match ups given that almost all dinos are screwed up because of the so called “resistance”. Im sure there are players who experience numerous loses now before they win a match. When i say numerous i mean some almost 10 loses before a single win???

  2. How do you equally match dinos based on their rarity?? (Common to common, rare to rare, epic to epic, legendary to legendary and unique to unique). Case in point, a single level 21 ardentismaxima can take down 3 dinos in one go because its resistance is off the charts, high ho, high attack for its kind and a bugged INSTANT invisibility.

  3. Made events in advance so that others can get random useless dinos before then are turned Them to “exclusive dinos” because suddenly they are recipes for great dinos.

  4. Want your players to focus on both arena AND raid hence forcing them to up dinos that are not good for both uses.

  5. And now August is coming up and giga scents will be removed hence giving players very small chance (very small is almost 5% or less) to catch up due to the pandemic. This will impact numbers 3 and 4.

Yes this might sound like a rant but should also be a heads up to the group as im sure majority of your players are frustrated with your proudly announced updated. i suggest you should read the forums immensely and rethink your next moves very carefully.

Yeah, the state of the game is meh. What I’m worried most about is the giga scents being gone because with those gone then a majority of the player base will abandon the game until the pandemic is over. I feel like Ludia should just come out and say. “Alright, the giga scents will stay until the pandemic is gone.” It would make all of us feel so much better and allow us to play the game.


Disagree, it was a good update in general, mostly thanks to raids. But your points are all true.

I see all that as adjustments that need to be made. If at this point they haven’t realize they screwed up with Resilient moves and Maxima, they are out of their mind


What changes? Where? The moves have changed but the experience is the same.

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Pandemic where? China has “solved” the problem. Its under control in New Zealand and Taiwan.

The problem for Ludia is blanket statements get them in trouble. They need to wriggle room so that they do not give too much away but also do not look too harsh.

They are kicking the can down the road until they can stop.

Yup, safe to say Ludia’s out of their mind when you realize every frickin creature has a Resilient move. I mean what were they thinking. This is not diversity


I dont know if that is just sarcasm and Im just dumb, but it is still very much a major problem
here in the states. I dont know if you saw, but death counts are still rising, and so are the number of cases


A large portion of players like myself are from the states. It ain’t “solved”


They didn’t fix the main issue of the game. Which is the arena experience. Keeping up with the meta, keeping up with boosts, bugs, matchmaking. All of it is just a huge chore

Pandemic is worse than ever here in Brazil too

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Seems to be a whole hemisphere is still struggling

That’s good for people in China and other places that the pandemic is ending, but unfortunately us Americans are not wise enough to be at that point yet.


SOME countries were able to solve the pandemic issue but not all. In fact, most if not all countries are still suffering from the pandemic. In a nutshell, only a handful of countries can go out and hunt dinos. Translating to income, this will drop the company’s income as it is useless to buy and buy In game products if thats the only way you’ll progress

Besides, I think the giga scents are a good idea even outside of current circumstances. I used to only play while I was commuting on the bus, and most of my free time was at home. I would do strike towers and batttles from home too, but hunting wasn’t as much of an option. For those that drive to work, they can’t even play during their commute, so the only option is to play at home, where there are usually few spawns. I guess they want you to go out and hunt, but sometimes you would get home after dark or be too tired to get out of the house. And especially during the winter, the weather can be terrible for hunting, and I imagine that’s when a lot of players stop logging in as much. The giga scents give you the option to play while chilling at home or working on something else. They’re invaluable right now, but I don’t think they should ever be entirely removed. Maybe have them reduce the duration to 1 hour and make them as rare as large or rare scents or something, but I’ve really come to appreciate these long darting sessions.


I guess giga will continue as long as you pay $$$$$

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lol they better not

Wow you guys are sensitive…

I mean its uneven across the world. Some nations will forever be in lockdown coughAmericacough

So Ludia cannot state an end date unless most nations are out. But if some nations are out and some are in due to political games then Ludia would be giving some players an unfair advantage no?

My nation is kinda doing to half half idea. From a biz point of view, Ludia is trying to hedge its bets and not lose revenue

Hedge on removing giga is a sure loss during this time

It isn’t bugged. It’d meant to work that way now.

Pandemic is still very much a thing in Europe unfortunately