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A Bag of Beans: retsamerol’s guide to the Test of Might (December 2019)

Assuming that the trophy gain/loss issue is not resolved, and that gain/loss for the event mode is based on Battle mode trophy score alone, I will be using the following strategy for the Test of Might in the upcoming Heroic Adventure:

  • Play battle mode until I reach my current season max (3,000)
  • Play one match in test of might to lock in my event trophies
  • Play battle mode until I reach my previous season max (3,800)
  • Play Test of Might mode.

If my assumption is correct, I would minimize the amount of trophies per win in the Test of Might event mode, allowing me to play additional matches at lower levels.

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the two Test of Might sub events use independent trophy counts.

Just for a different perspective: I don’t have lots of gems but I do have a lifestyle that allows plenty of act-and-wait type activities. So - me hitting the “wait” button instead of fighting a bot is very reasonable while I make a cuppa or do something else.

Across the ToM event period, I waited for 19 humans, lost 2 and won 17. I had 2 matches against players who were far weaker, and 4 matches against players much stronger. The majority were considered “fair” to me - I just didn’t have enough time in the day to keep going. I’m not sure if I’d have spent gems if I’d lost the 3rd match.

None of this experience conflicts with your experience at all, particularly as my record keeping was abysmal - I do not have any meaningful data to present beyond the above anecdotal observations - but it does suggest that avoiding bots, if you’ve got the time, might be less frustrating than what you’ve been through.

Thanks for your input Franam. I found my early record for Test of Might similar to yours. My record was initially 10 wins to 6 losses.

The problem was that as I progressed in the event, the difficulty increased extremely fast and my win rate for the remainder of the event ended up being 25:44.

It looks like the Heroic Adventure event carries over trophy counts between different Tests of Might.

Moreover, the first Test of Might provides you with unlimited tries, whereas the later ones require gem purchases for 3 failures.

So the optimal strategy is to tank a few hundred matches of the first Tests of Might before continuing on.

Yeah, looks like tanking fights the first stage is the way to go if you actually plan on doing Heroic Adventures or Test of Might in the future. This is kind of the last straw for me. The time investment alone isn’t worth it for the PvP events. Now that they implemented a way to game the new trophy system, it’s probably in my best interest to completely ignore PvP events.

We will see another Test of Might on December 24.

If you intend to finish the event, Ludia hasn’t fixed their algorithm and don’t mind paying gems, I recommend deliberately losing your first 7-8 games.

This will lock you into the win 10 trophies, lose 50 trophies range and the remainder of the event should be a breeze even with an exceptional win rate.

Note: tanking your Battle mode trophy count will make the event extremely difficult for yourself because you will be earning 50 trophies for a win and lose 10 trophies for a loss.

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only need to do this in stage 1?

Doesn’t matter, the rewards are so insignificant that I can’t imagine anyone spending the time necessary to actually do it.

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Lol “fixed their algorithm”

Tested it between each stage the tanking reset. It did work. But second stage I was back with high ranked

Based on my observations from the previous event, your event trophy count carries over between stages.

I don’t know if they updated this.

Just tested it tanked a lot on first stage I started with 3500 opponent at the end of first stage was 2500 second stage bam 3500 again

And as I a wrote this i faced you in tom

Thanks for testing that out Krom. It’s useful to know.

Auto correct screwed me had to fix a few words

Haven’t started yet. Is the big round 2 prize 5 epics?!?! And 10,000 hold at the end? No thanks.

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Based on experience it appears the combined value of available rewards in ToM could more rapidly and cost effectively be attained via challenges. I can run Lightfinger Estate repeatedely for 1 hour and get far better value than I would get from spending gems and wasting hours to complete ToM.

Thank you for this post! Good Stuff!

Updated with better information.

This doesnt work for this event. I have tanked the first 12 matches and am still fighting people the same strength as me