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A better game?

Hi! Anyone who knows of a similar game as JWA? (Not Pokemon Go)

The boosts have ruined the game, used to be at 5200 and now I struggle to stay in Aviary. After all the time and money spent theres is only caos. And not to forget the extreme prises.
Been hoping for a long time that they would understand that to make the game great they need to make it affordable but that will never happen. The boost caos just tipped me over the edge.

Bye for now and and hope you’ll someday understand, Ludia.


Ghost busters world
Walking dead our world?

Of course Harry Potter wizards unite is coming out soon

Soon to come Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Waiting for the release of HP wizards unite…

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(Translate): I feel the same as you. I also uninstall the game and canceled VIP mainly because it is unplayable (crashing often, but since yesterday is the first time I’ve encountered a 100% crash) and I do not receive a reply from Ludia’s support. Suggestion of other games:
Monster Hunter World.

Good luck bro. :hugs: