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A better rework of Monolemetrodon

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I gave you the best unique we should ever get. You guys have the full right to call this insane, because quite frankly, it is. If you want more crazy ideas, let me know in the polls.

  • This is great!
  • This is bad
  • This needs a buff
  • This needs a nerf
  • This is absolutely insane

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Want more crazy ideas?
  • Yes, give us more.
  • No more please

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Ludia ignore this nothing too see here

With Monolometrodon, that might work. Remove the counter, and change the Fierce rampage to an impact, and it actually would be pretty balanced.

Maybe distracting impact instead of rampage and it’ll be ok

i can see that

That seems like a great idea. Maybe keep the distraction rampage, but change it’s fierce rampage to an impact. This would be a decent nerf without completely annihilating it’s purpose

i know. We need a good unique bleeder, and I incorporated it into this

Yea I feel like having monolometrodon have two rampage moves is a bit overkill. And most unique bleeders are completely useless

Keep in mind that it still has all those crazy resistances and super high stats.