A better schapotator

Being a superhybrid scaphotator should be much better It’s worth mentioning that it’s one of the worst epics.

Still very underpowered.

I will be happy to see your version

Cleansing lethal swoop ? Or same stats and move but + immunity to decel and stun ?

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No definite impact, that move doesn’t make sense on him, maybe like Shattering Thwarting Impact


I’d give it a decent revenge-killing move, preferably with an attack buff, and a multi-turn Distraction move. There are loads of possibilities with this one, since it’s ingredients have quite a lot of abilities.

How about revenge distracting strike, like that of arctops

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That could work. It would certainly help it swoop somewhat safely to the next creature against non-resilients.

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If you want it to match the current sarco,give it at least 8k hp and immunity to stun

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It doesn’t need to have really high stats to beat Rixis. Just Immunity to stun and deceleration, and some good DoT and/or rend and attack-buffing moves.

here u go!

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