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A better version of the possible 2.9 tier list

is an improved version of my made possible 2.9 tier list
With NO new creatures

this is from the pvp battles and analisis and i put the ones that i think should be in the tyrant place

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Interesting but why is ref a low tyrant

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interesting but why are bax and rinex higher than magnus


Definitely ceramagnus should be up there and mammolania as well. Geminititan probably needs to drop down, it has almost become swap in bait after 1 turn and ardentismaxima might perform better in 2.9.

Why is sarcorixis in beta?

I’m not sure, the vul res definitely helps, but it needs to be super bulky to function, luckily mine is tearing up Aviary with 7.3k HP, so I think that’s good for where I’m at

Rinex has armour now, and trebax he can speed himself and has revenge

He cant slow down now, and the majungaboa put shield on, what made sarco OP was he could slow down and the ferocious impact

it doesn’t matter, they got buffed yeah but they difinitely aren’t high tyrant

Your list is dubious at best. The high tyrant tier will absolutely have Magnus, Rinex is better but still low tyrant as is Gem and even SG3 is probably only low tyrant. Boa didn’t gain anywhere near enough to jump that high, the delay on the new move renders it almost a wash, Thor has no business up there, Allowing as well. I don’t know if I would agree with even 20% of your assessment

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ok i will correct it

The snake definitely isn’t tyrant with the delay to evasive wound and cool down of two