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A big thanks to all

Who whined about arena droppers. I blame the state of the arenas on you. Trophies was a perfectly fine way of matchmaking. Sure, every once and a while you got you butts handed to you by someone on their way back up, but now? Now we ALL get to have fun fighting people 700 trophies above us, and losing 50 trophies for the effort.

Good job.

*slow clap


And if they change it back, guess what ? People will still find something to throw a temper tantrum about. It never fails :joy: that’s this forum’s community MO

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There’s 3 types of people whiners vs trolls vs know it all…

The whiners will always be loudest.

We are products of our environment. For the most part anyway.

Some take it too far sometimes, I may be guilty myself on occasion. Some others here on every post they make, that is true.

The best ones are the ones that post goodbye messages and say they’re quitting the game, but stick around and don’t actually quit. :joy:


True enough. I can’t honestly say that I have ever seen you really complain about anything or be negative in general. :slight_smile:

You just have a bad habbit of coming off pretty arrogant sometimes. Like we are all worthless or something. IDK. Not ment as an insult.

Oh well your welcome and thanks for the applause.

To the op the state of the arena is going to straighten out just fine. And most of the state of the arena is y’all’s problem upstairs.

Maybe if y’all would have done something or cared a bit about the downstairs little people there would have been less issue.

But nope y’all’s message was universal

“Just suck it up so what if you got slammed by some one with glaringly out leveled Dino’s”

Now same message is returned with y’all.

“Just suck it up so what if you get slammed by Thor …”

Technically you can thank the alliance rush winners for this… if you think the change to match making had more to do with people whining on the forums and not because Ludia spent time and money developing an event only to have to cancel the second event your wrong.

So basically you are complaining that you have to fight stronger teams due to bad matchmaking, just as those who experienced arena dropped did, and you don’t like it?

Got it.

Hypocrisy much?

Just a little tip about the getting unhappy and quitting part, if something is wrong with a game you are playing, and complaining about it could possibly help the situation (like with all the boosted Thor complaints which made Ludia reset them, helping somewhat lessen the issue) then why not try? Rather than just quitting.
You could find the situation gets better resulting in you not needing to quit the game you liked.

Then again there is a difference between raging on the forums to no valid point, and constructive criticism.

Unfortunately I’m yet to discover it, just ask anyone here hahahahaha

I’m not going to quit. Never crossed my mind. Just using that as an example. But yea constructive criticism towards a developer with insightful and logical thoughts are warranted and nice. That’s not what we get on this forum.

What people do on here is turn into 6 year olds that just got told by their mom that they can’t have the box of fruit loops

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What happens on this forum reminds me alot of the “if I can’t have it my way I’m talking my ball and going home” type of childish mentality

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