A Billion AC - Rollover to Zero Eventually

With Rally event I set a new record for AC with Tommus over 1.2 Billion (See photo).

Few things:

  1. AC that high makes no difference, when the doppelgänger copied Tommus they still his him for about 2,600 dmg

  2. Shortly after I hit the 1.2 Billion I rolled over his AC to zero. Not sure if it hit 10 Billion or what. But when he hit 0 AC the next hit on him did over 14,000 to him.

Photos below for proof.

Raiders of Ravenloft

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Most like have a 1.24b cap. Its a common binary cap in games


Meh, I generally walk around town with AC of 100 billion. Talk to me when you hit the trillion AC club :lying_face:

Seriously though, awesome pic!

I’m curious how AC actually affects damage. Portals have hundreds of thousands of AC and doing “reduce AC by half” sometimes seems to improve damage but other times I see almost no effect. Lowering a boss’s AC from 400 to 50 drastically improves damage however. If I had to guess there’s some bounded caps to the effect and it’s all time to kill -based. Based on my own experience the cap is really low, like no impact beyond 1000 AC.