A birthday for an indoraptor

March 17, 2019
1 month before the Stat boosts “ruined the game”

We all know for a fact that last year’s St. Patrick’s event was one of the best weeks of the year, and for me it was no exception.
It was Sunday, and 5 of the most “common” uniques in the arena were being showcased, and because of that we all had 5 attempts to at least try and unlock one of the unique hybrids at least. I already had a choice for what hybrid to aim and I dedicated all the day trying to get it
During the morning I managed to get 3/5 attempts but I need 32 to unlock it, meaning that in my next attempt I’ll unlock it, but here’s when things turned against me, because during the rest of the day I couldn’t find any. Most of the stops nearby were showcasing Thor or erlindom, but I already had a good team to at least try and counter them, but I still went for 1 attempt for erlindom in the end
Night fell and my family decided to go shopping to a nearby mall, and as always I brought my phone with me to play. As soon as I got in the game I saw one green stop showing the hybrid I wanted, I ran quickly because I knew it could disappear any moment (and also to avoid my mom from noticing that I was gone), I managed to get near the range and began darting. I got 38 DNA and that was the moment “she” was created

They day after, I decided to try her out and I noticed that she was better as a revenge killer or a finisher, but yet at the time using a finisher was dangerous because of this little bugger

I yet don’t know how did I manage to get to Sorna marshes after all those dracoceratops
Anyway, the 1.7 update arrived and boosts were introduced things began to turn, with my team being boosted I thought things were going to get better, but I underestimated everything; every time I fought I noticed many overboosted creatures (mainly Thoradolosaurs). Yet I somehow did passed that storm (that’s still present to this day) and ended up near Lockwood estate. At the time, she was boosted like this

But then, the next update took a big toll on her, the evasive stance was also nerfed at the point it was “get damaged or get damaged”. People were beginning to drop off their indoraptors off their roasters, but I didn’t, I had faith that she’ll be reworked to become great again, and it surely happened
With the next updates partial immunities were introduced along with a dodge redesign (now having a 70% chance of dodging rather than 50%), but also the boosts were redesign; for me, I feel like it was fair, sometimes success means sacrificing some benefits. Also, more and more events began showcasing indoraptor (which some people sometimes complain about) and I managed to level her up way more than it should be, my team was pure lvl 19-21 at the time while she was lvl 25 (and I guess that’s why some of the opponents I face are overpowered), by that time i arrived at aviary and until now I’m still stuck in it (which I don’t complain that much about), the last updates have made me switch many dinos off and on my roaster, but she’s still in there and I’ll never drop her off, no matter if she gets a nerf or a buff (which I don’t see necessary), and with me being used to aviary kills like this are pretty common

And this is her state at the moment

Her stats are pretty different from the 1.7 ones but I’m sure I can try and get her better, plus she’s ready to level up
It has been great having her for over a year now and I’m sure it’ll be great to have her until the game either dies out or looses popularity
With that said:
Happy birthday “Alita”!!!


Happy birthday Alita! :birthday::tada::grinning:

Aaaaaaaay, slogo, my man, congrats for your indo.

This is a film worth story!
And very cool you never dropped you Alitha of the Team. This almost makes my cry but then again i’m 12

I think you misspelled it, just saying

thank you anyway :slight_smile:

I misspelled it and it should be Alita (Right??)

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gotta love that art.
however I don’t think the Movie Indo was laughing unevilly!! :grin: