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A bit bored

Hi everyone! The last few days I’ve been a bit bored.
I really love the game idea and the dinos are lovely.

BUT: it starting to feel like im stamping water, same same same.

And never enough coins on top of that. Over priced dinos on higer lvl’s.
I would love to have more suprices. This is like playing repeat over and over.
And thats sad i love the idea of this game

Not time ago been a big update, the game cant change every couple months. So the solution for u , prob is installing a new game while in a while. Sorry for my english is not my native language.

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What’s your alliance like @Miggy?

Does it have a discord channel?

There’s much more to the game if you have a good communicative alliance such as tactics and general chat

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They talk tactic. And i do like them. But i think it would be nice to talk a bit more. I think motivation grow whit good friendship and having fun.
I really need to have fun in more ways then succeed. But my Alliance is very nice

I done that! So now i jump between the two games.
Thx Hit

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What’s a discord channel?

Discord is an app that lets you chat and share pics etc… lots of alliances use it to create a place where everyone can get along in an easy way

Ok never heard of it. Sounds nice.