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A bit more of boost math

Just writing here a few considerations.

We know that a +100 boosts cost 2000 HC.

We know that every 3-hour incubator has a +2 on a single stat (unless I’m mistaken, but I don’t remember incubators not having a boost in them), a 15-minute incubator has a +1, an 8-hour has a +3.

Now, if I spend 2000 HC on boosting 3-hour incubators, I get 66.7 free incubators (2000 HC divided by 30 HC, the cost of opening an incubator). 66 incubators will give me a total bonus of +132, 32% more than what I pay for a +100 stat boost. And I get coins, and DNA.

You don’t obviously need to speed up the 15-minute incs with cash.

And you won’t obviously speed up the 8-hour incubators.

So, while you have an 8-hour (or longer) inc slowly roasting, just keep playing and speed up the other incubators and (if paying for boosting is your thing) you’ll get more bonuses than paying in Ludia’s shop for their boosts.


This is all true, and indeed, the top players were utilising this from day one of the new boosts.

However, to exploit this one has to keep battling to win incubators in order to speed them up to get these boosts.

And if I’m honest, I really couldn’t be bothered to do that just to get hold of something that ultimately ruined the balance of the whole game.


As above, you need fight a loooooooot.

  • 66x3h incubators => 22 cycles of 8h-3h-15m-3h-3h.
  • 22 cycles => 5x22=110 win battles
  • 110 win battles => (if you win 1 out of 2) 220 battles
  • 220 battles => 5m gameplay for one gives you 18h of fighting

Moreover 22 small incu cycles gives you great incubator cycle (which had 20x5), so you got one 24h incubator, 2x12h, 17x8h => 8 days for open.

So you need to fight around 2.5h per day to maximize the output.

But more important math is that for 2000HC you got 100 boosts and that is one tier. So +2.5% dmg or attack or +2 speed for 2000HC. And this is main reason I stopped buying boosts.

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Agreed, I spend HC on scents for Carbo and I got enough to level my Smilon from 27 to 28 soon. So that much stat increase then 2x tier up for HP and ATK.

It’s just waaaayyyy too much HC for too little progress…