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A Boost-Free arena!

Hi Ludia! @Ned
I have come up with an idea on how to end the parades of “remove boosts”.
For my entire journey I have hated the concept of boosts and thought that it ruined the game.
Still to this day I battle with a team of non boosted creatures just to show how much I dislike them.

But what is the solution then?
Well, I remember from when I played Jurassic World The Game that there were multiple arenas, cross cenozoics and mods free stuff.
Why not get something similar in Jurassic World Alive? Two arenas where you can both earn trophies and incubators, just like in the normal arena, but one is without boosts.
Players could be given an option to choose whether or not they want to play with boosts.
Maybe you could do something similar to Bosses, but that is completely up to you guys to decide.
Personally I only want the arena to be available without boosts.

I know this is only a suggestion, but please have a look at the matter and think about it. No stress on introducing it in the next update, but maybe the update after that could be a possibility?
You know I’m not the only one who’d appreciate this.

//heaps of vaccination, AdamKidman


Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us, AdamKidman! This was one of the more popular suggestions that I had seen in the past, and I believe it was passed along to our team already. :smiley:

Although I can’t make promises on whether or not the double arena feature will be implemented, I can assure you that it has been reviewed by our team.


I’d come back and play the game again if there were a boost free arena… Quit just after 2.0.

Oh wow… no one has ever thought of this before…

Ok, let’s just say that you own a business and you have employees to pay and bills, you know how it goes. Now you have a product that your consumers are constantly coming up with “brilliant” ideas how to stop you from making money and hence, staying a business. Let’s also assume in this scenario that those people CAN use your product for free so you have other revenue streams so once a week the same suggestions get made to remove that money as well…

This subject has been reported so much… it would divide the player base and make the game that much larger. Ludia would have 0 motivation to implement this… at this point you should have enough boosts to compete at your level, the boost free arena is called friend matches… let it go


Lovely to hear!
//Heeps, AdamKidman

Den mån 5 juli 2021 17:08Ned via Ludia Forums <> skrev:

You do have a point of your own, you absolutely do.
The issue is that not all people liked the idea of boosts, and many quit the game because of them.
And loosing players makes it harder for them to earn money on the business, does it not?
People are not usually attracted to products that they don’t like.

//Heeps, AdamKidman

Den mån 5 juli 2021 20:04Matthew Hartmam via Ludia Forums <> skrev:

In fairness it’s not a bad idea, but people need to understand that boosts only really exacerbated the problems with the PvP, and it’s unlikely removing boosts or having a separate, boost-free arena is going to change that, or be all that different.

This has been asked countless times when boosts were started. Back then, yes it may have been possible to do so. Today, when most FTP players are finally getting enough boosts for their whole teams, you’re suggesting (way to late) to have two arenas.

This would likely split the player base in two. I don’t think that at this point, it’s big enough to survive this. Everybody complaint about the matchmaking. Now imagine with only half the players in both arenas. Either you wait a much longer time to get an opponent (not sure I would want to wait 3 minutes before each fight), or, you stretch the matchmaking so it’s even more horrible than it is now (particularly after the monthly reset so you get a possible opponent from a much lower pool. This could likely kill the game as far as I’m concerned.


You have a point, but I just don’t like boosts.
I only thought of a solution to end the countless comments about it, and this is what I came up with.

You might be right, seeing as what you’re saying seems fairly logical. But question yourself this:
Would it remove players from the game like the boosts have done over time since their introduction,
or will the removal of them bring most lost players back?

It’s all speculative… My feeling is that those who didn’t stick around are already playing other games and would not come back. I also think that if there would have been huge numbers of them leaving, Ludia would have done something about it back then. Sadly, I suspect that it became such a huge income for them vs the few that left, that they are quite happy with the boosts as they are.

TBH: I worrying way more now, about the fact that most free to play players who are still playing since the beginning have now pretty much fully boosted teams. Which means that the gap between those who spent money and FTP is now narrower (the only advantage they have now is that they still have way more boosts and can swap dinos at will). So, the top arena are already being a huge problem. Not only Sphere players have fully boosted teams, but we are seeing more players in the lower arena with fully boosted teams as well. So, Ludia will likely try to fix that problem, but we all know they are not the greatest with fixing things…

That… Is very true.

They could have a setting for every player to choose so they don’t have two separate arenas.

You choose one of 3 settings:

  • Play boosted only
  • Play boosted or none boosted
  • Play non-boosted only

Playing boosted only would only pit you against players who have a setting to play boosted teams
Playing boosted or none boosted will have you play boosted against a boosted playing team or will have you play non-boosted against a team who only wants to play non-boosted.
Playing non-boosted will only pit you against other players only wanting to play non-boosted or willing to play non-boosted.

Playing boosted would always default to only playing boosted teams.
Playing boosted or non-boosted would default to playing boosted against teams willing to play both ways but default to non-boosted against teams only wanting to play non-boosted.
Playing non-boosted would default to only playing teams that only want to play non-boosted.

Obviously either playing only boosted or only non-boosted may make it more difficult to get a match.

If they choose, they could make playing IA come up after 2 or 3 failed attempts at getting a match.

Ludia should hire you

That would mean that players who are competitive will get a slower climb now. Not sure if many players would like that. Remember, it was the main complaint from the top players back then (having to play the AI too often) and that’s why Ludia changed the beach to accommodate them.

For those who are in the top 3 arena, right now, after the monthly reset, it does take 2 to 4 weeks to get back to your normal score. Somehow, if we had way more AI fights, I think they would have to seriously rethink the monthly reset completely because too many would run out of time and never get back to their top usual score (and so, sink down slowly)