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A Broken Move(s) Idea

Universal Strike, Impact, and Rampage.

Basically, it combines Cunning, Resilient, and Fierce into one attack.

For those that need the actual explanation:

Self: Cleanse DOT. Cleanse Vulnerable. Cleanse Distraction.

Target: Destroy shields. Remove attack increase. Remove critical chance increase. Remove speed increase. Remove dodge. Remove cloak. Remove taunt. Decrease attack. Decrease speed. Attack x 1/1.5/2, bypassing Armor.

Chosen Target on Strike: Lowest Health.

Chosen Target on Impact and Rampage: 1/3 chance to be highest speed. 1/3 chance to be highest health. 1/3 chance to be highest attack.

If added for some reason, DO NOT ADD IT TO A PLAYABLE CREATURE. Maybe on an April Fools boss?

Anyway, that’s all I have. I know this move is more broken than anything that’s ever came from the game, but maybe it would make an April Fools boss more challenging than it needs to be?


This is awesome. This is what Compsognathus should have when we see it come in

Yes, because Compy 100% would be a gag like the Death Dodo.

You want broken moves ?

Give stops time to DIO you’ll not be disappointed


And yet even this move probably isn’t enough to stop Maxima :joy:

Time Stop: Stun Opponent (No Matter how resistant or Immune) for this turn and the next turn. Deal 2x damage.

Me: Let’s add 100% bleed to it then

Ludia: Let’s make maxima 100% resistant to bleed

Me: Oh.

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