A buff for indoraptor gen 2

Indoraptor gen 2 haven’t been in the meta for a long time.the nerfs to him were super bad,one way is to replace his distracting impact with definite rampage/defence shattering.make his stun and distract resistance to 100%.
Cautious strike doesn’t need a change,maybe u can replace mutual fury with cleansing impact.

how about Indoraptor

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You’re seriously suggesting replacing the two abilities that make Indoraptor G2 Raid viable for two abilities that will have absolutely no effect on it as a PvP creature, especially when it having a “Definite” ability makes absolutely no sense?


Indo gen 2 doesn’t need a buff. Indo gen 1 should have one


U dont need to replace mutual fury,however indo gen 2 is useless against resilient dinos,so shattering will be very useful so that he remains a threat to resilient dinos but can still get killed by them

It’s a Cunning, it’s not supposed to be useful against Resilients


It probably needs a minor nerf to the damage to make it 1400 and a resistance buff

  • Minor buff
  • Medium buff
  • Maximal buff
  • Minor nerf
  • Medium nerf
  • Maximal nerf
  • NO!! do nothing to it, it’s fine
  • Delete indo g2

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A minor buff wouldn’t hurt, but I’d only change Evasive Stance to Instant Ambush and add some better resistances. Other than that it’s already pretty decent for a legendary.


It should at least be a threat.

Same words to me?

Wrong one.I want to leave it

Leave it alone
Maybe a slight damage/resistance buff would be okay but the moveset is good the way it is

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It doesn’t have a definite ability,just a precise one

Don’t buff it, it’s a big problem for me because it’s still used in lower arenas

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yes its catious strike is esspecially anoying estate buddy

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As an Indo gen 2 user myself, the moves are fine the way they are. Would be nice to give it a 100% resistance to stun however.