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A bug?, glitch?, etc.?


Ludia, come on now! What is going on with regular battles today! Playing and lose to my Opponent like three or four battles in a row, because my opponent is allowed to take extra turns; getting extra turns when it’s not his turn come on this is so unfair !!! Ludia help!!! What’s going on? This is so crazy!!!


If you swop out a dino then they get a extra turn.

If the dino has a counter attack its a extra turn…

If say it has minimal speed up strike it will have a turn again…(if you have stegoceratops or monoceratops it will slow them. Down)


Thanks but what about getting hit by dead Dino’s? Yeah and for real! They will be dead and I will be almost to fight my next and Boom I die and then he dies again! Crazy cray!!!


I would love to find some walking dead dinos for my team :hushed:


Lol and you will if you okay long enough or maybe a spoofer!!! LOL


I would love all the DNA, cash and coins but having to cheat for it would be nongratifying.


Yes very non-gratifying ! Lydia will catch them !


Were you hit by damage over time (DoT) effect?


Yes I think that was it


Counter to that is either immune creature or cleanse attacks.


Thanks for all your help! I think I understand now!