A bug or a feature?

Hi guys and hi team!

Now i have been brooding for 15 days with the following 2 dragons (red mark). Of these 15 events, the 3 * dragon has come out in all cases (blue mark)! Is that really normal?!

Hey Onkel, rarer Dragons are harder to get than common ones. However, the chances are better when you pair Dragons of higher rarity together for breeding.

I hope this helps!


Something better than 5 * and 4 * brooding does not exist if I want to get a 5 * dragon.
Didn´t think that it is extremely hard :frowning: It´s a pitty…

And it can´t be normal that a don´t get a 4* dragon in all these times.

It is. While they dont give odds. Best guess would be 1% chance of 5* and maybe 4-5% 4*
Disclaimer- these numbers have no basis other than my opinion

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