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A bunch of polls about the 2.0 changes, and a few suggestions

Firstly, while there’s obviously been a lot of changes in 2.0 that messed up the game more than fixed it, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that the zones have been rotated and the spawns have been changed, that the maximum number of daily mission battles is 6, and that Tuoramoloch is finally useful for something (feel free to add anything that I missed).

Now that we’re done with that,

1) What do you think of Resilient moves

  • They’re fine
  • They’re fine, but not distributed right
  • They’re almost fine, minor effect changes are needed
  • They’re just bad
  • Neutral

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2) What do you think of Campaign battle 56 (bear with me here)? Basically, it’s a level that requires a level 16 or above Cloak user, but Indominus and Erlidominus don’t count as Cloak users anymore, forcing players to overlevel Indominus rex G2. Do you think this is right?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I literally couldn’t care less

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3) 2.0 saw the introduction of the (in my opinion) beautiful Haast’s Eagle, a dinosaur (avian) that, if I remember right, was alive as recently as the 14th century. Do you approve of such a recently extinct creature? Would you agree to the introduction of more, like the Dodo, Thylacine, Aurochs, Moa, Aepyornis, etc?

  • Yes, I do and yes
  • Yes, I do but nope
  • No, I don’t and nope
  • No, I don’t but yup
  • Neutral

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4) This was the first update in a while that reset everyone’s boosts. Do you think all updates that rework and/or add creatures should have a boost reset?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Neutral

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5) One thing that the update didn’t address is the boost system. What are your thoughts on it?

  • It’s fine, I’m used to it
  • It’s alright, it could do with changes
  • It needs to be changed from the ground up
  • Neutral
  • It needs to be gone, asap

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6) Since cunning creatures are supposed to be countered by resilient creatures (generally), Nullifying moves have become a lot rarer, meaning the possibility of shields being nullified has gone down.
The few Nullifying multiplier moves that remain, though, have been nerfed to have a 2-turn cooldown.
What do you think of this change?

  • It’s fine
  • It’s unnecessary
  • Neutral

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7) Evasive Stance has been nerfed to have a 50% chance to dodge 67% of incoming damage.

  • I approve
  • I disapprove
  • Neutral

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8) You may have noticed that Cunning moves as well as the basic move Distraction reduce opponent damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. This means both a counter-attack (if any) as well as a regular attack. However, Evasive Strike and Cautious Strike have been nerfed, since they only reduce damage for either the counter-attack or the regular attack.

  • Sounds fair
  • Sounds unfair
  • Neutral

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9) In 2.0, the way turns are counted for shielding and evasion have changed. Earlier, the number of turns a shield/evasion lasted for was the number of turns the opponent used while it was active. Now, it’s the number of user turns, meaning Instant Invincibility Taunt (not be confused with Group Invincibility), for example, lasts until the user makes a move, effectively giving the user 2 turns of Invincibility in PvP.

  • I approve
  • I disapprove, something needs to change
  • I don’t know, we may not have an alternative because of Co-op, but something has to change anyway
  • Neutral

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10) We’ve seen quite a few changes in the meta since 1.14, one of the most important being that the strongest creatures in the game are no longer Immune to DoT. But apart from Thylacotator, most of the bleeders don’t seem to be doing very well. I’ve come up with a way to fix that, and I’d like your thoughts on it.

Proposed changes

Step 1) Make DoT also affected by the 1.5x multiplier from Vulnerability.

Step 2) Make sure a good number of the top creatures like Ardentismaxima are not greatly resistant to Vulnerability or swap-prevention.

  1. Buff the following bleeders like so (it isn’t fair that Thylacotator is the only one that has its place in the meta):

[I’ve highlighted their matchups with Ardentismaxima specifically, since it’s the creature to beat for any bleeder in 2.0. They’ll obviously do well against other creatures too. If you’re concerned about them being too powerful, remember that Resistance to Vulnerability is a thing on many chompers and a bunch of other creatures (it can also be cleansed by fierce moves) and DoT can be cleansed by Cunning moves now]

• Fierce Strike
Exploit Lethal Wound
•Minor Swoop
•Critical Impact

•No Escape
•Immunity to Decel
•Immunity to Swap-prevention

Now, Maxima would have 0% resistance to Vulnerability, and Maxima would also have 0% resistance to Swap-prevention.

Exploit Lethal Wound : Inflict Vulnerability for 3 turns. Deal 1x damage. DoT 0.34x target’s max HP per turn, lasting 3 turns.

0.34x plus Vulnerability actually becomes 0.51x. This means Maxima goes down in 2 turns, and it can’t swap. Believe it or not, that Vulnerability actually means Spinotasuchus can take Maxima out with a Critical Impact. If Maxima uses Instant Invincibility, it’ll go down anyway.

•Superiority Strike
•Lethal Swoop (no delay)
•Cleansing Swoop
•Instant Invincibility

•Swap-in Vulnerable Invincibility (inflict Vulnerability for 2 turns)
•No Escape

100% Resistance to Swap-prevention
100% Resistance to DoT

Again, Maxima must not be resistant to Vulnerability or Swap-prevention.

If it swaps into a Greater Thagomizer, it’ll inflict Vulnerability. Then Lethal Swoop would take out Maxima, leaving Stigydaryx open to be revenge-killed. Cleansing Swoop would deal 0.375 damage per turn with Vulnerability.

•Pinning Strike
•Distracting Impact
•Nullifying Impact
Distracting Swoop (Swoop+50% Distraction for 1 turn)

Swap-in Exploit Wound (Vulnerability for 2 turns)

•Resistances (I’m not typing them all out)

Again, relies on Maxima not being Resistant to Vulnerability.

If Pterovexus swaps in, it’ll deal 0.375 Maxima’s HP on turn 1. If it uses Nullifying Impact on turn 2, Maxima will go down at the end of turn 2, ending in a draw if Maxima can deal enough damage.

Spinoconstrictor (3900 HP)
•Precise Rampage
•Exploit Wound

•Wounding Counter
•On Escape Evasive Strike

•100% Deceleration Resistance
•100% Distraction Resistance
•100% Swap-prevention Resistance

Again, this relies on Maxima having no resistance to Vulnerability

So, Exploit Wound inflicts Vulnerability for 2 turns, and 0.2x DoT for 3 (if I remember right, lol).

In this scenario, 0.2x becomes 0.3x, and 0.34x from Wounding Counter becomes 0.51x thanks to Vulnerability.

So Spinoconstrictor will deal 0.81x Maxima’s HP on the first turn. If Precise Rampage doesn’t finish it off, the DoT will.

  • I approve
  • I almost approve
  • I almost disapprove
  • I disapprove
  • Neutral

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As an unboosted Vexus user, I disagree. But most of bleeders need a buff, indeed.

I meant to click neutral for # 3

Need to try her out…

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You won’t regret it :grinning:


I have a few suggestions as well regarding raids and speed boosts:

As for SSBs (Speed Stat Boosts)

Give bleed back to da spyx!


100% yes to #10. Maxima now has been overcompensated way too much for its removal of full immunity and is broken. Secondly I also think cunning creatures with cunning moves need dodge in moves like cunning strike, impact, and etc just to be better counters than they are currently to fierce creatures (it wouldn’t be “OP” either because resilient creatures hardcounter dodge and distract anyways). Right now it seems like cunning creatures got hit the hardest out of all creatures and seem to just barely get by countering what they’re supposed to be countering (fierce creatures). The nerfs to nullifying and dodging moves makes absolutely no sense what so ever and I hope Ludia goes back and revises these changes.


Alright, I’ve closed the polls.
Glad to see people liked the bleeder buffs.