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A bunch of Unique rebalancing ideas

I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to come up with alternative kits for some of them, with new moves and passives.

Don’t expect the ideas to be perfect, I’m just brainstorming. I would like to hear your thoughts anyway though.

1] Thoradolosaur
~4500 HP (formerly 4200)
~1700 attack (formerly 1680)
~109 speed
~15% armour (formerly 0%)
~40% critical chance

•Defence-Shatterimg Strike
•Defence-Shattering Impact
•Defence-Shattering Rampage
•Instant Charge

Thor’s role would be quite similar to what it is now, but it would be able to tank hits better. It would beat Tryko, Tryostronix, Smilonemys (if it doesn’t get away), Grypolyth and draw with Erlikospyx. It would be able to beat Ardontosaurus and Ardentismaxima (no crits) as well as beat Entelomoth with a crit and mind games.

2] Tenontorex
~4500 HP
~1800 attack (formerly 1680)
~109 speed
~20% critical chance

•Superiority Strike
Unexpected Ferocity (100% chance to stun for 1 turn. Increase critical chance +60% for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2)
(formerly Defence-Shattering Impact)
•Defence-Shattering Rampage
•Distracting Impact

With its new stunning move, it’d be able to beat Mammolania (no kidding), Mammotherium, Quetzorion, Phorusaura, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, etc.

It’d be countered by creatures Immune to Stun, as well as Utarinex and Utasinoraptor.

3] Diloracheirus
~3450 HP
~1450 attack
~129 speed

•Superiority Strike
•Distracting Strike
Revenge Stunning Rampage (same as Greater Stunning Rampage, except under Revenge conditions it has no delay, and a 2-turn Cooldown)
(formerly Greater Stunning Rampage)
Nullifying Rampage-and-run (formerly Rampage-and-run)

Dilorach would be able to better take on foes like Tryko and Dio, and would be a very able revenge-killer. Nullifying Rampage-and-run means Dodgers will have to be careful.

4] Utarinex
~3750 HP
~1550 attack
~126 speed
~10% critical chance

•Decelerating Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact (under Revenge conditions, acts as Distracting Rampage)
(formerly Distracting Impact)
•Instant Charge
•Rampage-and run

Swap-in Definite Headbutt

With Swap-in Definite Headbutt, and a turn 1 Rampage for revenge-killing (like the old days), Rinex would do even better against the likes of Tryko and Dio, as well as the Mammoth hybrids (except for Entelomoth).
It would beat Tenontorex and Thor.

5] Indoraptor
~3900 HP
~1420 attack
~128 speed
~20% critical chance
~1% armour (formerly 0% armour)

•Armour-Piercing Strike
•Cleansing Impact
•Defence-Shattering Rampage
•Evasive Stance

Passive ability: Into the shadows: When Indoraptor senses a priority move coming, it deals 1x critical damage to the opponent, bypassing armour. It then moves off the field, back into the roster, letting the opponent hit at thin air.
After the opponent move is used, it comes back in, removes positive effects and uses the selected move.
(formerly Immunity to Stuns, Immunity to Distraction)

Okay, put down the pitchforks, hear me out.
Firstly, that 1% armour is so that it beats the reworked Smilonemys, which would otherwise beat both Indoraptors. This gives it an advantage over Indoraptor G2.

Secondly, the removal of partial Immunities. You see the only times Indoraptor really has to contend with Distraction and Stuns (I’m talking common, important matchups) is with the moves Instant Distraction, and Instant Charge.
The other creatures that rely on Distraction and Stuns aren’t really a major threat to Indoraptor, and they (Creatures like Tuoramoloch, Diloracheirus) need to creep back into the meta somehow.

So while Indoraptor can now be Distracted and Stunned by SIAs and regular moves, it can’t be affected by Instant Charge (it Cleanses the Stun) and Instant Distraction, while also damaging the opponent and getting rid of evasion.
This let’s it better deal with Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, Indoraptor G2 (it can’t use Evasive Stance, and the OG is faster, so it can be revenge-killed. Even 1v1, if Indo G2 uses Evasive Stance, the OG is guaranteed to win), Phorusaura, Erlidominus and both Indominus rexes.

Plus, if you have Indoraptor on your team, and the opponent is about to use a Priority move, you can swap Indoraptor in, almost as if it has an SIA.
That super-boosted Thor you’re facing going to use Instant Charge? Swap to Indoraptor, and watch it deal 0 damage.

This would make Indoraptor way more versatile than it is now, without driving stunning and Distracting dinos out of relevance.

6] Smilonemys
~3900 HP
~1200 attack (formerly 1100)
~127 speed
~50% armour

•Superior Vulnerability (formerly Shielded Decelerating Strike)
•Precise Pounce
Defensive Stance (formerly Deliberate Prowl)

•Immunity to Stuns
(No Immunity to Deceleration)

Now, Smilonemys would be able to beat Indoraptor G2, Erlidominus, Diloracheirus, Utarinex, and so much better against Tryko and Dio, since it can Cleanse Distraction and apply Vulnerability

7] Pterovexus
It remains the same, but gains Revenge-Distracting Impact and Lethal Swoop.

8] Stigydaryx
Also doesn’t change, except for Instant Invincibility, which changes to Rending Attack (from Darwin’s Defence-Shattering Impact) to revenge-kill the towers and such.

9] Tuoramoloch
~4800 HP
~1020 attack
~126 speed

•Long Decelerating Strike
•Distracting Shield
•Greater Stunning Rampage

•Medium Distraction-cleansing Counter
•On Escape Heal

More surviveability, as well as the ability to deal with Distraction better. I haven’t run the numbers on this one, but I think it’s an improvement on the current version.

10] Spinoconstrictor
The same, but with 4000 HP, and 1300 attack. That way it’s guaranteed to beat both Indoraptors, and Tryko, Dio, pretty much anything that bleeds.
Oh, and On Escape Evasive Impact.

11] Erlikospyx
Lethal Wound changed to Maiming Wound, which does 0.8x opponentax HP per turn for 2 turns. Gives it a guaranteed win against Tryko (it’s a draw currently) and it’ll also beat Tenontorex, Dio and draw against Thor. This is because it only needs to hit the opponent once to take it out on turn 2, as opposed to Lethal Wound, where the opponent gets an extra turn to deal damage or swap.

Also, HP increase to 3300 (formerly 3000). This way, Erlidom can’t OHKO it anymore.

12] Testacornibus
~3900 HP
~1265 attack (formerly 1000)
~127 speed
~50% armour (formerly 40% armour)

•Superior Vulnerability
Revenge Distracting Shield (same as Distracting Shield, except under Revenge conditions the damage mitigation is 75% for 2 turns, and the Shield blocks 75% damage for 2 turns, cooldown 2)
(formerly Distracting Shield)
Minimal Speedup Impact (10% buff for 3 turns, delay:0, cooldown:2) (formerly Superiority Impact)
Superiority Devastation (formerly Devastation. Delay:2, Cooldown:1, basically Superiority Strike with more damage)

•Immunity to Deceleration
•Immunity to DoT

•Swap-in Healing Charge (same as swap-in Stunning Strike, but it regenerates 25% of its max HP)

With added damage and surviveability, as well as swap-utility and speed control, Testacornibus should finally pose a real threat, while still losing to anything that can get through its shields and armour before it gets Superiority Devastation ready.

If Gemini wasn’t Immune to Vulnerability, it would actually hard counter it (Impact+SV+Devastation).

13] Mammolania
This one you might have seen before.

~ 4180 HP (formerly 4500)
~ 1265 attack (formerly 1500)
~ 40% armour (formerly 30%)
~ 105 speed (formerly 115)

•Persistent Ferocious Strike
•Definite Rampage (Delay:1, Cooldown: 1 )
Superior Vulnerability (formerly Bellow)
Regeneration (formerly Dig-In)

Swap-in Defensive Stance
Immunity to Vulnerability
(No Immunity to DoT)

It’ll lose to Allosino, Thor and Tenontorex due to the reduced speed, but it can beat Alloraptor (no crits). It’ll definitely still be a monster, but one that can be countered.
It’ll beat Maxima (no crits) as well as Dio and Tryko with the right prediction. It’ll do well against Quetzorion too.

SV+DR will take out both Indoraptors with ease

I added Swap-in Defensive Stance for fun, since it lost its Shielding moves, but it isn’t without purpose: it would be able to swap into an Indoraptor G2 and still absolutely wreck it.

If Geminititan wasn’t Immune to Vulnerability, Mammolania would be able to bring it down to 1000 HP or less. Combined with Monostegotops, that would be bye-bye Geminititan.

I don’t have a Monolorhino rework I’m 100% happy with yet. Feel free to have a crack at it yourselves.

Edit: forgot Dio.
14] Diorajasaur
~4500 HP
~1000 attack
~108 speed
~30% armour
~15% critical chance (formerly 5%)

•Superior Vulnerability (formerly Superiority Strike)
•Long Protection (formerly Ferocious Strike)
•Distracting Rampage (formerly Instant Distraction)
•Instant Invincibility

•Precise-Shattering Counter

Passive: Agitation: On having its Shields destroyed or nullified, this creature deals +50% damage for 1 turn (1 counter-attack and one move).

This tank will comfortably deal with Testacornibus and Smilonemys, while falling to the likes of Thor and Tenontorex. It’ll put up a fight against Dodgers too.


The sentence is so long

Ah yes thanks Captain Obvious

The new indoraptor passive is interesting. I will say that i don’t think it would be able to cleanse stun. other passives like counter attacks don’t activate when a creature gets stunned. You can’t cleanse a stun that hasn’t happened yet, and you can’t do anything once stunned.

Also… Love the spinocon change. :heart_eyes:


I read this 15 minutes already

Oops. That makes sense.

Well, there goes my idea to counter Instant Charge lol.

Any alternative ideas on how to do that? Short of an Immunity I can’t think of anything.

i can’t really think of anything either unless resistances were a thing.

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While I love some of the changes, I have some concerns.

I might be biased on the TenRex review, but I kinda want it to be an Indo/Dodger’s nightmare, by either having Def. Impact or a Null. Counter. Having the stun move doesnt exactly help its case against Indos. Though about the new move Unexpected Ferocity, wouldnt it be possible if it worked like Ready to Crush? So Crit chance for 2 turns, and 50% boost in attack for 2 turns? Since if the stun is useless against immunes, atleast it still serves a purpose. I want to suggest a name for the new move fitting for a tenontosaurus, Headbutt[-ing] Advantage. (Lemme know if it fits)

As for Dilorach, a boost in its HP like 3500-3700 would be nice. Also having an SS with Null. would be way useful against dodgers. (I kniw the purpose for the Null & Rampage is situational, but it def help its case with an SS with Null.-ing)

As for Indo, Im positively sure it cannont cleanse itself from a stun, it is not debuff, rather a status effect (like in Pokemon, such as dizzy or confused). Isnt Cunning a bit OP for a passive ability? Im all for making Indo great again, but Im just not sure about Cunning.

As for Nemys, maybe a tad bit more of boost in attack? Like 1200/1300, let me know if thats too OP. As for the basic attack, maybe like an SV plus shield? Its otherwise perfect.

Oof. That is a hard nerf on Mammolania towards its stats. I dont think I can live with that. As for that one, since I dont have it, let the others decide about it.

Love the new Godzilla, if thats the way it is, I will definitely use it and boost it like crazy so the arenas feel as though Godzilla is in their presence.

The ones I havent listed, are otherwise perfect

You get the idea though, right? If it could somehow counteract Instant Charge without being Immune, I feel like it could maybe shed it’s partial without getting any worse.

maybe something like redirect? Redirect priority status effects back to the user or something like that.


My second strongest dinosaur is spinoconstrictor and it’s written up there

Maybe instead of cunning, it could be immunity from priority moves? Works for ID and IC. If it buffs the opponent, it nullifies it. Passive Ability. Name: I like Cunning, so I guess just still call it Cunning

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If I added the +50% damage to Unexpected Ferocity, it would be way overpowered against non-immunes, and no better than it is now against Immunes. There’s no point in wasting a turn setting yourself up if you’re going to be taken out on turn 2.
Also, I get what you mean about wanting Tenrex to be an Indoraptor counter, but we have creatures that are literally built to counter Indoraptor. If we have too many, Indoraptor will completely go out of relevance, and it isn’t that great as it is.

As for Dilorach, it’s the same story. This build can potentially beat an Indoraptor, or at least a low HP one, bit it doesn’t counter it outright. We have Quetzorion, Smilonemys and Mammolania to counter the Indos.
As for the HP change, which matchup are you trying to change?

All the stats posted here are carefully calculated to allow the creature in question to counter some creatures while being countered by others.
Except for Dilorach, but I didn’t see any reason to buff its HP.

How so? It only activates if the opponent uses a Priority move, and it does 1.25 damage. If they don’t, you’re left with an Indoraptor which can be Distracted and Stunned.

Yeah, that was an oversight on my part.

Naw. It has exactly the amount it needs to counter what I want it to counter.

Regarding Mammolania, you saw the matchups I posted, right? If it can beat Alloraptor, Tryko, Dio, Indo, Indo G2, probably Erlidom and Quetzorion, do well against Smilonemys, Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, Phorusaura and Testacornibus, all with Swap-utility, what more does it need?
Actually, I just realised it loses to Maxima by 56 damage. I might buff it’s damage a teensy bit.

Alright, I buffed Mammolania to 1265 damage. Now it beats Maxima too.

I understand your concerns but in my opinion a boost in Nemys’s attack like 1200, would satisfy me. As for Dilorach and TenRex, youve partially convinced me. Still dont get why Unexpected Ferocity isnt 2 turns, just atleast make that 2 turns and Im mostly convinced.

It beat ardentismaxima?

I just had a pretty funny idea on how to let Indoraptor avoid priority moves.
Basically, it would sense the priority move before it lands, and use a new move, Into the shadows.

Into the shadows: Remove positive effects. Deal 1x critical damage, bypassing armour. Move back into the deck for 1 turn. Delay:0, Cooldown:0.

Basically, it moves off the field, but instead of swapping to another dino, it just leaves the opponent’s attack to hit nothing.
Then it would move back into battle.

I suppose I could allow the user to bring any dino out instead of Indoraptor going back into battle automatically, but that might be OP.


You see, a critical DSR from Tenrex deals 4500 damage. That means it can basically OHKO the opponent in a lot of cases, like with Mammolania, and Trykosaurus/Diorajasaur if they used a Priority move, and also Thor if it was faster.
But changing the buff to 2 turns wouldn’t cause any trouble matchup-wise, so I could do that

I could do that.

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Alright, @NewNewbie, I’ve changed them.

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Of course, Into the Shadows wouldn’t work on anything with No Escape, so Sarcorixis and Grypolyth would be able to stun Indoraptor and get a free hit.