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A bunch of Unique rework ideas

These are by @Funtime_dino who’s working on another draft right now. Feel free to discuss your opinions

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Lol ya sorry a bit busy with something big so had to ask for some help thanks @Qaw ; as he said feel free to discuss. Out of all of them the tryko one is the one I really like and hope get implemented in that “big balancing update” when ever that is.

For some info on the tryko rework as that will probably be the one with most discussion:

Counters are: acrocanthops, andrewsarchus, andrewtondon, carnotarkus, diplovenator, lux, magna, M Lion, Monolometrodon (pre 2.7), mortem rex, poukantdactyl, secodontosaur, Spinoconstrictor, thyla, suchotator, spinonyx, Tenatorex, alloraptor and dracocertosaur (2.7).

Best matchups: everything else
Some matchups can be won through crits such as maxima (but it has to crit on both rampages; and Gemini (needs to crit on one rampage); bex also falls into this category.


Thanks for the edit @D.H

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Ok here are my thoughts:

Tryko: I like the general ideas here. Losing the ability to cleanse distraction is a good change for it, and if that allows it to get the resilient counter back I’m all for it (even a weaker version of it). I’m indifferent on IIT vs Group Invincibility, although IIT combined with the slowing counter can create some interesting options against some bosses like Smilonemys. Stun resistance is good, but probably unnecessary. I would definitely give it 0 taunt resistance though. All of its moves are either group attacks or remove taunt themselves, so you more often than not WANT Tryko to attack the taunter, not ignore it. I’d just be careful with the attack, since even a non-damaging slowing counter could be incredibly powerful on a chomper like Tryko (but I like the interactions it opens up, so I’d like it to have it). It just might require some more attack sacrifices beyond what you’ve already done.

Thor: I think Thor is in a pretty good place right now. It doesn’t really need any significant changes, at least not to it’s stats. So this is all some very big buffs for Thor. It doesn’t need more health. It doesn’t need more damage. It definitely doesn’t need more speed (which combined with it’s decel immunity makes nitro Thors a lot more dangerous). I think the armor is an interesting touch, but I don’t think I like it. The only tweaks I might make to Thor are to it’s moves, but I don’t have any big problems with what it has now. With the resistances, besides definitely not having decel immunity, I might actually consider removing it’s swap prevention immunity (especially with all the stat buffs it got), so you can’t use the chomp and run tactic as reliably. Losing DoT resistance is good for arena, but it hurts Thor a lot in some raids (or, you know, they could just fix the raids instead). Thor may be the only true fierce unique, but that doesn’t need to be God tier.

Testacornibus: Testa is another one that I don’t think needs any changes from what it is in the game. That said, I wouldn’t mind these changes. One option besides Superior Vulnerability Impact could also be expose weak spot inherited from Carbotoceratops, which also inflicts Vulnerability for two turns. I would give it distraction immunity if it had that move though. I’m not sure about the swap in Defense. None of it’s components have this move so it feels a bit weird on it, and it already has a lot of shield moves (even a priority shield). Other than that, I would probably also remove it’s swap prevention resistance (so fierce bleeders can lock it down), and lowering it’s decel immunity to 50 or 75% could help ensure it doesn’t steamroll most other resilients.

Rinex: While I do think Rinex needs a slow, and would even benefit from a swap in ability to synergize more with swap teams, I think this build has too much going on. Rinex should be able to slow, and obviously Rinex should be able to distract. But not every move needs to distract or slow (or do both at once). Simplicity forces you to be more strategic instead of just making every option the best option. For the basic attack, I would give it a decelerating attack - either Resilient Strike or it’s old Decelerating Strike if you don’t want it to cleanse distraction. This let’s it slow at the cost of damage. Adding resilient to rampage and Run is clever, and certainly good in your overall gameplan, but I don’t like how it doesn’t really help Rinex itself except against dodge. I think normal R&R is probably fine on it. For the swap in, I think swap in headbutt would be perfect: it doesn’t need to distract too. The resistances look pretty much perfect though. DoT resistance because it can no longer cleanse it (if it got resilient strike instead), but it would also be part resilient now so DoT should be somewhat effective. Distraction resistance is fine. Rend resistance is fine. Stun immunity is really helpful. And swap prevention resistance but not immunity is golden.

Vexus: Vexus right now seems to lack an identity, but I like what you’ve done with it! My only concern is that high speed and strong cunning options with decel immunity might be a bit OP. It may need to have 75% decel resistance, or lose some health or damage in exchange.

Magna: While Nullifying Impact would be missed in some situations, I like the idea of giving it Ferocity to rep Irritator. However, I would definitely lower the attack, not buff it: Ferocious Strike into Fierce Rampage can be scary on a revenge killer: just ask 1.14 Tryostronix. It also happens to be one of my favorite combos, so I’d like it to work. Losing some distraction resistance helps, but it isn’t quite enough in my opinion. Maybe 1400 or less attack instead would be better. Other than that, looks great!

Indoraptor: Very interesting options on it. It definitely feels more like a “raptor” now. Fierce Strike gives it a shield break without being a tank buster, so I like that. On Escape Evasive Strike is probably unnecessary, but it’s also a nice touch that I don’t think makes it op. For the resistances, I would buff DoT resistance to full immunity. That’s what Indominus has, and it can’t cleanse it anymore. 50% distraction resistance also wouldn’t hurt it, especially considering how raptor-like it is now (maybe it can lose it’s immunity to vulnerability in exchange?).

Antarctovenator: this is a nice version of Antarctovenator. One thing to keep in mind is that giving it a slow is HUGE, so that needs to be accounted for. It’s attacks are fine, but I’d like to see more dodge removal on them. Diplovenator has Definite Strike, and Antarctovenator is a resilient, so I feel like Antarctovenator should have Definite rampage or at least precise piercing counter to help it against dodge. Resistances look good though!


Lol it late here so I’ll answer 1 but leave the other for tomorrow:

Tryko: actually never thought of that but ya taunt it kinda pointless so ya that could be removed any ideas for like another resistance I would say slow but it has double slow so I don’t think it needs that; @Mudkipz ik you said it doesn’t need stun but it kinda does in reality, helps counter stuff like the swap ins, rixs, magnus, rinex, grypo, and dracoceratops. Although like @Qaw has also said in the other threads so many dinos are immune to stun it’s basically becoming useless again. So maybe a resistance is better but again an armored trex probably would never get stunned. Also to note group decel would help with flocks so that’s something unexpected. But overall I think tryko is the most balance but almost plausible one to change.

Overall my goal was to make like a tower where it has a small window where it won’t do much damage and to make it more anti-resilient oriented than anti-cunning.

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It would definitely help it, the question is whether it should beat stunners or be countered by them. While stuns are some of the potentially strongest moves in the game, like you guys said stun resistance and immunity are also running rampant right now. I just know that stuns are a go-to option to beat counter-attackers, so not having this option against Tryko would be a bit weird.

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Ya but also helps with swap in meta which we definitely need; I’m not against tryko getting stunned but sometimes those stuns just cost it the win where it should, stares directly at magnus , again it could have like 50 or even 75% and it work as well with the chance to be stunned sometimes. But also distraction and dodge are now way to help minagate damage

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I mean that basically applies to any creature

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With a slowing move, stuns can hurt Tryko a lot. On turn 1, a faster opponent uses some random move, Tryko uses its counter to slow them and then uses decelerating impact. Now Tryko is faster and uses Fierce Rampage. If that somehow doesn’t kill them, the opponent could use a stun. Now the opponent gets a free attack, their third on tryko, while Tryko is stunned. Now the stun has worn off, but so has the deceleration, so the opponent is now faster and gets to attack again.

While that seems bad, I think it’s balanced for a few reasons:

  1. Tryko gets to use an impact, a minor counter, and a defense shattering rampage before getting stunned. That should probably kill most of it’s opponents.
  2. The opponents stun needs to be a non-priority stun (including not a swap in), which are pretty rare in the meta. The only one I can think of is Acute stun on Magnus and the Dracos, and that doesn’t do any damage. Otherwise, Tryko is stunned for one turn, but regains priority pretty much immediately. So unless you find yourself up against the odd Monostegotops, you’re not taking that extra turn of damage at the end.
  3. After the stun does wear off, Tryko has the option to use Invincibility, triggering it’s counter without taking damage, and giving it priority again where it can use Fierce Rampage at the start of the next turn.

So I think the whole thing does work out without stun resistance, but I definitely see how it could help Tryko tremendously in some matchups like Ceramagnus (which can’t be slowed, and has it’s own priority attack to beat Trykos Invincibility). So maybe some resistance (but not full immunity) would help it out.


I swear if this already easy-to-level thor gets a buff (especially speed immunity) like this…

I think Thor doesn’t need a buff and surely not a speed decrease immunity.

Vexus should get a small health buff instead of damage buff because it’s a bleeder and bleeders tend to have low damage.
I also think in game magna is fine and the other reworks are great.

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Ya so I think like 50% stun resistance should be fine.

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And now let’s get to the one everyone and I mean everyone hates: Thor

And ugh, the problem with Thor is it’s reputation has completely crapped on thanks to Ludia and the boost system. But in reality look at it base it absolutely sucks. I mean so much that allosino is just way better to run than it. Thor loses to basically almost everything that it is supposed to counter. So this is just mean to fix that 109 and the armor should let it counter the towers, tryko, lux, mammolania, dioraj, skoona etc much better. The attack is desperately need to do this as well as speed decrease immunity.

But and I told Qaw about this…it be the one that will probably never happen because of the community and Ludia. One for never excepting it because of past encounters and the other cause they won’t fix a system that allows Thor to be op when it’s really trash.

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My phone, nor my computer can load the images. So… no to everything because I cant actually see it. :sweat_smile:


Now for the other @Mudkipz lol:

Rinex: while agree it should do much we are missing good resilient cunning’s in the game; cunning deceleration is more of a solution and is more an answer to group cunning acceleration. Now does that mean it need it no but I also don’t want it to give up what I has now especially damage buff reduction. So I Made that a bit of a compromise. Now could resilient strike or cunning work ya but just doesn’t add an identity really to it but can still see it work without it. Resilient rampage and run actually helps a lot especially against other cunnings, since for example against a spxs it allows it to cleanse and get rid of dodge hit full damage then let whatever comes in next go first next turn. The swap in more of just trying to make a swap in that’s counterable. The problem with stun is that it’s basically uncounterable unless your immune; this takes the same concept of a move that’s both offensive and defensive but makes more counterable by clearing or attacking increasing. But I’ll definitely take this suggestions and play around with them.

Indo: ya basically my goal was to put the raptor in indoraptor the loss of distraction is just to counteract the huge attack boost but resistance could be possible. Same with Dot immunity

Vexus: ya I could see how that might be a bit op considering it’s counter so maybe a small reduction in. Speed might actually balance it out.

Magna: I agree that maybe 1,500 is too much I think like you said it could be balanced out with lose of distraction resistance; so ya the original 1,450 attack should be enough I mean when up it would do 4,350 on a boosted rampage.

Venator: well considering it has SV I don’t know about down removal but I guess definite rampage works.

Thor just doesn’t need everything to be buffed. If allosino is better, I would rather nerf allosino a bit than buff Thor that much. I can understand the speed buff, but if it got that it shouldn’t get speed decrease immunity - that makes it way more abusable than it already is. Some people want to buff Thor, and others want to nerf it, which to me says that Thor is in a good spot right now. Looking at Thors history, your version would be by far the best Thor to ever exist in the game. Before 2.0, the highest HP it ever had was 4200, and the highest attack it ever had was 1680. So the current Thor with 4500 health, 1700 attack, and several resistances/immunities, is already possibly the best Thor to ever exist in the game. And yours is even better than that.

I like how different situations or opponents leading to different attacks being optimal. I don’t like when a move is so versatile that you would basically never want to use anything else, and cunning deceleration feels like that to me right now. Rinex should have to choose between distraction and deceleration, it shouldn’t really be able to do both at once. Resilient Strike should counter group cunning acceleration just fine. Maybe not in a group setting, but I’m not sure Rinex should be the dino that does that. Something needs to have group speed increase removal though.

Thats a fair point. I definitely see how it helps the next dino in line quite a bit.

Having distraction instead of a stun is a good idea now that I think about it. To be honest when I read “headbutt” I thought that the move stunned because of swap in headbutt. They really need to standardize their terminology for 0.5x attack power moves (and a lot of things in general).

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Lol ya it’s really confusing when you could say medium but just doesn’t sound as cool.

As for cunning decel you could just distract, attack increase removal and speed decrease, And then just make it group effect. But I also understand not wanting another indo gen 2 situation.

You could also have it basically be nullifying strike + distraction, that would be very interesting. I really want Rinex to have a decelerating move though, and if that happened it’s only slowing option would be the one that automatically swaps it out anyway.

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Ya I mean it is 2/3 resilient it kinda need more than just armor and stun

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