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A call out to the Spoofing Facebook group

After viewing the FB Spoofing group over the last week, I want to pay tribute to all of the

LuDiA wOn’t BaN oR rEsEt uS tHeY hAvE nO wAy oF KnoWinG WhO sPoOfS

Hats off to you!


A lot of them don’t care, tbh. If they did, they would have stopped spoofing.


They seem to care now that something has actually happened though.

I think Bruce means they don’t care on a moral level. They still don’t think they have done anything wrong, they only “care” now because they have or might be caught cheating.

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How is spoofing an advantage? There is no set coords for epic dinos. You still need coins ro level so changing gps doesnt help there. What’s the difference than someone actually being in NY as someone spoofing gps? There is no advantage what so ever. The only difference is they can sit at home and move around. Big deal. Some people dont have other options. I do not spoof and dont have a problem with it. But like another poster said you will never stop them. It’s been going on in pogo since it started.

You forgot the sarcasm sign.


There are. Theres at least one Discord channel dedicated to sharing coords for dinos. It’s a big advantage to be able to hop from Trex to Sino to whatever in the blink of an eye

How do you know that if you arent spoofing? And so what. They still need coins. Only way to get them is spend money. Obviously they are spending a ton of money and you arent. So again why do yall care? Being in top 500 means absolutely nothing.

You keep asking why do we care over and over. I want to play the game the way the game is intended. Its a challenge to find epics and be able to create legendaries fairly. The same as fishing or hunting, which I also do. I am 100% legit and I am ranked in the top 50. I take pride in that fact. I could go to food lion and buy fish for a lot less money but where is the challenge in that. The point is … we do care if you cheat. The reason we care is none of your concern. It’s against the rules and cheaters should be banned. Period.


It’s not so much the effect on gameplay that bothers me. It’s the waste of time and resources that Ludia is forced to spend to combat the cheating. We could have a better game with less bugs and glitches if they didn’t have to take the time to deal with this. And to combat the “they should make spoofing part of the game” response. Do you think Ludia would ever be able to get corporate sponsored supply drops like Walmart if they freely allowed people to spoof? Walmart pays Ludia for those stops so people go to the locations hopefully go into the store and buy something.


I am 100% on board with you, this is absolutely ridiculous. I can only imagine that Shive4 is trolling, the excuses for cheating and the idea that it’s not any advantage against other players is at worst ignorant beyond belief or at best a trolling cheater. The coords would be invaluable for obtaining more coins from treasure hunts, better DNA from epics and all with minimal time spent in the game. I have been playing since the first week it came out and JUST BARELY got an indominus rex, that’s after dozens if not hundreds of hours trying to find epic trex dna that a spoofer could get in a small fraction of the time. The arena is a big draw to the game, without it the game would just be a poke go rip off, instead it has a very fun aspect to it that pokemon go has nothing to compete with. Cheaters should lose EVERYTHING EXCEPT the incubators that they have purchased in the game with real world money NOT in game money that they obtained by cheating. The rest of their account should be reset. No receipt, no dice.


Spoofing programs are designed to fool the system. Stopping them is not a simple process. And if they are able to detect and stop some of them, the people who create these programs can do some tweaking and find a new way in. It’s not a sprint to stop them. It’s a never ending marathon. I do agree a 24 hour ban is not nearly enough though. I hope they increase the punishments.

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Oh definitely, I know that much. The point is being able to detect users and ban them, so they know who is doing it. The point is the consequences, nto that spoofing will never be 100% dealt with.

but that moving around without limits increases your chanches of any dinosaur encounter. While we are walking around a few miles we get what we get and that’s it. A spoofer could “fly” thousands of miles and therefore increase his chances to encounter dinosaurs. We see a T-Rex maybe three times a week. A spoofer spoofes as much as needed to get maybe 3 a day. THAT is the problem about spoofing. Regarding what you said it wouldn’t be a big deal in my opinion too. But unfortunately there’s more to just that.

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I agree. My phone was malfunctioning for almost a week and I had to wait that long for spare parts. In that time I couldn’t do much in the game, so it is comparable to a ban. 24h ban is nothing against no incubators running for several days…

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These days facebook won’t allow to do it.