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A “Carnivore Jailbreak”

Awesome event next week! Uniques to dart, Acrocanthosaurus, Dakotaraptor strike! I am going to be busy next week :grin:

What do you plan to dart next week everyone?


An attempt on thor? Oh god please no…


good week. acro, dakota strike, and a tryko attempt.
also, this is a new type of theming i haven seen before, so maybe future events will have newer creatures.


I need 70 Tryko DNA. I hope to be able to unlock next week with the help of that shot on Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too. I will probably be unlocking trykosaurus and Acrocanthops this week :slightly_smiling_face:


Sad that titanaboa didnt make it into this week but still, this is an awesome week.


Boooooo!!! Sorry but to give away 2 attempts at Thor and Tryko with no improvements to arenas. This is another terrible move by this sinking company


I get people in lower arenas want that attempt at the Uniques. I remember it being thrilling. But arenas are a catastrophe right now. And they are going to get worse. I might as well do what others are doing, and lose on purpose and drop a couple arenas. It seems to be the only fun way anymore

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It’s probably just going to be 1 attempt, but I am still mildly afraid of the outcome of this event…

(I should be more afraid lol)

The only one I need is Acrocanthosaurus. She’ll be my target at the weekend.


The commons, I’ll take Allo and Tarbo. They got drained from upgrading Thor to 27. The rares I guess Ill take Utah and Dilo, Dilo beign Exclusive and Utah because I dont have Utahrinex. Acro all the way for Epic. For Sunday, I might do Tryko. She needs more dna on my team, as its only level 24. Overall, good week. Dakotaraptor is nice to see in the incubator, as its the only non hybrid I don’t have (excluding apexs). Also a Swift Therapod scent as well.

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Awesome, I can unlock Acro!

Dilo and Acro

It’s only 1 attempt at a Unique right?

I would believe so.

Commons: Don’t care too much, but if I had to choose… dimetrodon gen 2…?

Rares: Utahraptor (if at all) Dilo, I’ll consider it

Epics: T-rex for main, Acro for alt

Unique: If anyone darts Thor, got nothing to say.

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I don’t need either but if Thor is the first one I find, she’ll get darted.

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Pretty fair to me

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Lmfao, Thoradolosaur is in this event

@E.D @Ned
as there are 2 different uniques in this event, it would be helpful information to the players to know how many attempts there will be between the two. Actually, it would be nice to know how many attempts for all ratites if possible. This information, as well as respawn timers and number of battles in the strikes used to be on previous iterations of these event guides. Players would be appreciative if this information was brought back.