A Cautious Strike "poll", with a difference

This is about a Cautious Strike rework, as the name suggests.
The options are going to be similar to the ones we were given for the official poll, but I will include a short summary before getting to it, as well as a few points to keep in mind while making your final decision.

  1. Cautious Strike was meant to be defensive, as the name suggests.
    Indo G2 does have a move for all-out offence, it’s called Mutual Fury (I am aware that most players don’t actually use this move at all, and it makes sense: Cautious Strike does everything it does, without any of the risk).
    Currently, CS isn’t the Defensive option, but the Defensive+Offensive option.

I think Indo G2 should have to choose between playing defence and offence, with CS or MF respectively, as originally intended.
You’d be forced to play risky for a bigger payoff, which I think is fun, since it requires actual strategy.

Plus it’d make slow dinos like bleeders more viable against Indo G2, since going for MF is a riskier option.

But that’s just my two-pence, and for the sake of democracy, Ludia could always change Cautious Strike’s theme, and it’s name too.

  1. Indoraptor G2 without Mutual Fury isn’t Indoraptor G2…right?
    If you’re one of the players who hasn’t figured out how to use this move, you’re missing out. With an ES setup, it’s great to one-shot Decelerating dinos after being slowed (or faster ones like Procera that can’t speed up), and in the process getting a setup against the next opponent.
    It might not make sense to buff your opponent at first, but it makes sense in battle. It’s an important part of Indo G2, and if you’d rather have an Indo G2 without Mutual Fury… I’ll be sad.

3)The Indo G2 nerf we already got:
Indoraptor lost Definite Rampage, losing its evasion-countering multiplier move inherited from Blue and Indom G2, because with its Immunity to Distraction, it would do too much damage for an uncounterable move. But Indoraptor, being meant to counter Dodgers, needed a move with a similar ability somewhere, hence the shift of Precision to CS.

4)"Poll" instructions:
I’m going to list the options, and assign them alphabets. You then have to order all of the 10 given alphabets according to the order in which you prefer them (for example, if you chose ADFGIJBCEH, that means you like option A the most, and option H the least). Write your order down, it’ll make this much quicker.

This way, even if there isn’t a clear winner for the first preference votes, we can rule out the one that people disliked the most and move on to everyone’s second preference, till we get a majority by a large margin (at least in theory).

You might want to double-check your order of preference, remember to be Cautious.

Here we go:

A] Cautious Strike minus the damage: turn it into a non-damaging move, to replace Mutual Fury. CS will be replaced by another appropriate basic move that can be voted on later.

B] Cautious Strike minus the Dodge chance: takes away one of the defensive components, making Immune dinos better against it.

C] Cautious Strike minus the Precision: Indoraptor G2 loses its ability to consistently counter other Evasive dinos.

D] Cautious Strike minus the Distraction: taking away the other defensive component, Indoraptor G2 takes twice the damage from chompers like Thor and other non-immunes.

E] Cautious Strike minus the Speed buff: A step closer to a defensive CS, where if Indo chooses to use CS to protect itself from incoming damage, it doesn’t speed itself up, making it vulnerable to creatures 128 speed and above.

F] Cautious Strike minus the Cleanse: Indo G2 now has to rely on Mutual Fury to cleanse Deceleration and DoT (debuffs in general). Priority debuff moves and SI-debuff moves become more effective against it.

G] Cautious Strike minus the Cleanse and the Speed buff: CS is now almost solely Defensive, centred on mitigating incoming damage, and hitting those pesky dodging opponents.

H] Cautious Strike minus the Distraction and Dodge Chance: CS is no longer defensive, focussed more on self-buffing, and countering Dodgers.

I] Cautious Strike minus nothing: Cautious Strike remains the same, as the most OP move in JWA history, lol.

J] This option stands for “other”. Just to clarify, this option does not include addition of any effects, only different combinations of the ones mentioned above.

Once you have your order, answer the following polls, by picking the options which apply to your order.

In your order;

    • Option A is first.
    • Option A is second.
    • Option A is third.
    • Option A is fourth.
    • Option A is fifth.
    • Option A is sixth.
    • Option A is seventh.
    • Option A is eighth.
    • Option A is ninth.
    • Option A is last.

0 voters

    • Option B is first.
    • Option B is second.
    • Option B is third.
    • Option B is fourth.
    • Option B is fifth.
    • Option B is sixth.
    • Option B is seventh.
    • Option B is eighth.
    • Option B is ninth.
    • Option B is last.

0 voters

    • Option C is first.
    • Option C is second.
    • Option C is third.
    • Option C is fourth.
    • Option C is fifth.
    • Option C is sixth.
    • Option C is seventh.
    • Option C is eighth.
    • Option C is ninth.
    • Option C is last.

0 voters

    • Option D is first.
    • Option D is second.
    • Option D is third.
    • Option D is fourth.
    • Option D is fifth.
    • Option D is sixth.
    • Option D is seventh.
    • Option D is eighth.
    • Option D is ninth.
    • Option D is last.

0 voters

    • Option E is first.
    • Option E is second.
    • Option E is third.
    • Option E is fourth.
    • Option E is fifth.
    • Option E is sixth.
    • Option E is seventh.
    • Option E is eighth.
    • Option E is ninth.
    • Option E is last.

0 voters

    • Option F is first.
    • Option F is second.
    • Option F is third.
    • Option F is fourth.
    • Option F is fifth.
    • Option F is sixth.
    • Option F is seventh.
    • Option F is eighth.
    • Option F is ninth.
    • Option F is last.

0 voters

    • Option G is first.
    • Option G is second.
    • Option G is third.
    • Option G is fourth.
    • Option G is fifth.
    • Option G is sixth.
    • Option G is seventh.
    • Option G is eighth.
    • Option G is ninth.
    • Option G is last.

0 voters

    • Option H is first.
    • Option H is second.
    • Option H is third.
    • Option H is fourth.
    • Option H is fifth.
    • Option H is sixth.
    • Option H is seventh.
    • Option H is eighth.
    • Option H is ninth.
    • Option H is last.

0 voters

    • Option I is first.
    • Option I is second.
    • Option I is third.
    • Option I is fourth.
    • Option I is fifth.
    • Option I is sixth.
    • Option I is seventh.
    • Option I is eighth.
    • Option I is ninth.
    • Option I is last.

0 voters

    • Option J is first.
    • Option J is second.
    • Option J is third.
    • Option J is fourth.
    • Option J is fifth.
    • Option J is sixth.
    • Option J is seventh.
    • Option J is eighth.
    • Option J is ninth.
    • Option J is last.

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Hopefully CS is big enough of a deal that at least a few of you will take the time to vote.

Happy voting, I guess.


I should have included a disclaimer that this was going to be long :rofl:.


It requires too much :joy: so i Will make ir simple
Remove cleanse
Remove speed
Remove precise
Voila balanced


We all know Ludia doesn’t read what we say, so making things extremely long like this, including several other long posts on boosts is not going to make Ludia pay attention, it will do the complete opposite.

I didn’t read this, just as I didn’t read the boost one earlier, because I don’t have the time nor patience, and I can guarantee you if players don’t then Ludia will not even more so.

All they need to do to Gen 2 is remove speed and cleanse from CS because it already has it in MF. Simple.


And regarding the length of the post, this is technically one of the most democratic polls possible.
Ludia wouldn’t actually need to read everything to collect the information at the end, if users did vote.

It’s long, but actually quite simple, probably simpler than it looks.
Funny enough, I haven’t voted yet :rofl:.

TL;DR— Jump to the options marked A, B, C etc, rank them in the order you like them, then answer the polls based on that order. Writing it down will help.
If you have your order, the 10 polls should only take about 10 seconds.

I think the best combination of abilities it should lose is Distraction and Speed-up, that way it realies heavily on dodge and doesn’t always get the speed advantage against dinos that can actually counter it, but ussually can’t after indo gets faster than them at move 2… magnapyritor says hi

quite so.
everything has an option. and they are ranked from most desired to least, which gives a more accurate example of what the players are thinking.

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I’d also advise anyone that’s reached all the way down here to make sure they’ve voted once in each poll.
Remember, you have to rank all 10 alphabets.

Why not just a multiple checkbox list with your top 3 favorites? Way too complicated this way.

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Well i’ve gone ahead and voted so Ludia can go ahead and ignore it. :+1:

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So that “results inconclusive” isn’t a thing.
And hey, I’m trying something new here. I want to see how the community responds.
Ludia can take the information or leave it.
If this poll ends up only drawing in a handful of voters, I’ll go back to regular polls.

Interestingly, the forum has a third type of poll that, from the sound of it, does this exact thing with just one poll, where you assign numbers to the options.
But I can’t seem to get it to work.

It may not be official, but at least you got to vote this time.

You have no Idea how many time i scrowled up and down :rofl:

It’s going well so far, but to anyone who’s already voted, make sure you’ve voted once in each of the ten polls. For a while now a few of the polls have had 2-3 voters more than all the rest.

Where is the option of. Nothing should be changed. Because, I don’t want to make it look like I agree something should be changed?

Option I…

By indicating something is first, it is somewhat indicating, I am accepting something as second.

you could just vote everything else as last.

Voting everything else as last is still an acceptance.