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A ceratopsian, but make it kill indo g2

I would just use a different ceratopsian than Trice G2. He’s a common so Ludia would probably make him weaker than this just like they did with Monolorhino because he’s eAsY tO cReAtE.
And maybe Dig In instead of Long Protection


Perhaps add epic Agujaceratops to use as a component. It is a proven Indo killer ya know… :wink:


Yeah. I think Tenontorex should have one too

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That is the very first time I’ve ever heard of agujaceratops but it looks cool! That would be great

If you’re in the Library, you see it in every battle.

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All fits very well, except that 30% armor.

Wdym? Agujaceratops?

It’s from Skoola. Do you think it should be less?

nice indo g2 is so broken and annoying. hope they nerf him whenever the update comes out. we have been waiting forever for this update to come out since you told us that it was coming out. but it is also a big one so…

Its cool if you wanna make it the perfect jack of all trades, i think it should be more like 20 for balance.

yeah i agree

That’s fair. This thing still goes down against all the unique chompers tho so idk if I see it as a major issue

Nah 30% doesn’t have much against Thor, Tenonto, Tryko, Indo Twins, Mammoth Monstrosities, IDGT’s secodonto, or the twin towers. Not to mention bleed

true. i can be bled and so can indo g2


Oooooh. Is that an agujaceratops or something else?

My sources say it is Agujaceratops. It seems likely as few other ceratopsians have brow horns that point upward. The horns seems too long fpr either Mojoceratops, Judiceratops or Chasmosaurus Russelli, and the frill is too round for any of those. It also isn’t Diabloceratops either for obvious reasons.

Actually yeah I saw that the plaque in the movie says agujaceratops

You have to admit: having that as a component to an Indoraptor killer would have a gratifying level of canonical reference.


Yeah it is Agujaceratops. Very interesting reference, @Acerglyn. Never thought about this skull before