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A ceratopsian, but make it kill indo g2


Oooooh. Is that an agujaceratops or something else?

My sources say it is Agujaceratops. It seems likely as few other ceratopsians have brow horns that point upward. The horns seems too long fpr either Mojoceratops, Judiceratops or Chasmosaurus Russelli, and the frill is too round for any of those. It also isn’t Diabloceratops either for obvious reasons.

Actually yeah I saw that the plaque in the movie says agujaceratops

You have to admit: having that as a component to an Indoraptor killer would have a gratifying level of canonical reference.


Yeah it is Agujaceratops. Very interesting reference, @Acerglyn. Never thought about this skull before

If I had known about this beforehand I would have definitely put this as a component. Dang

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How about this @Acerglyn and @Gem_Aqua:

4200 HP
1200 ATK (#MakeCeratopsiansStrongAgain)
20% Amour
117 Speed

Long Decel Strike
Dig In or IC (Does every Ceratopsian have to have Dig In?)
(Notice how most of these are very much like the stats Sino used to have)

Swap-In Stunning Strike

Skoolasaurus + Ajugaceratops
[Insert Name]
4300 HP
1200 ATK
25% Armour
117 Speed

Long Decel Strike
Distract Impact
Null. Rampage
Dig In

Swap-In Taunt (New Ability: Swap-In with 100% Shield, and Nullifies opponent’s positive effects

I havent run any matchups so it might not be polished


Lol I don’t think Ludia checks matchups either when they make hybrids. I can’t remember the last time they released one and didn’t immediately change it in the next update bc it was too op or practically worthless. Except testa but like .5% of the players have it so it doesn’t really matter

I want it to have superior Vulnerability tho to make sure it can one shot indo on turn 2. 3600 damage

@Carnoraptor.troodon @BojangBugami
Do either of you want to get in on this? I know you haven’t done anything using a creature that’s not in the game yet, but your designs are always great.

If you give me the dinos, I will give you the silliest possible version of it!

It love a unique ceratopsian

Yeah I want one in the game really bad. Even if it’s not that good. The only good ceratopsian we ha e is monostego!