A certain problem

So it seems to me that, after a few minutes of crawling around the JWA toolbox, there doesn’t seem to be a unique Ankylosaur or an unique Ceratopsid.

This fact was odd to me, and still baffles me. How can there not possibly be a unique creature that uses the Ceratopsid rig or the Ankylo rig in a game full of almost 300 dinosaurs?

I may as well list all of the rigs here, and show which ones don’t have uniques:

T. Rex rig: Thor, Tryko

Apato rig: Gemini

Brachi rig: Ardentis

Diplosuchus rig: Antaectovenator

Indoraptor rig: Indotaurus and indorap himself

V-raptor rig: No unique

Dracorex rig: Utarinex

Pachy rig: dracocerat

Megalosaurus rig: Dioraj

Bird rig: poukand

Small pterosaur: Pterovexus

Large Pterosaur: Stygidaryx

Medium Pterosaur: No unique

Compy rig: Compsocaulus

Andrewsarchus rig: Andrewtops

Therizino (is Thera even in the game? Apparently not…) rig: Dilorach, erlidom

Erlikogamma rig: Erlikospyx

Turtle: Entelolania

Pig: no unique

Mammoth rig: no unique

Deer: testa

Rhino rig: mammolania, mono

Procerat rig: Quetzorion

Terror bird rig: Phorurex

Smilo rig: Smilonemys

Crocodile rig: grypo

Dimetrodon rig: magna

Scorpius rig: Scorpius G3

Snake rig: spinocon

Hadrosaur rig: Touramoloch

Sloth rig: No unique

Dog rig: no unique

Tiny flyer rigs: no uniques

Inostrancevia rig: No uniques

Stego rig: No unique

Gallimimus rig: none (but hopefully the yoshi hybrid will get one if it is unique)

Doedicurus rig: no unique (and probably never will)

Oviraptor rig: no unique

Moschops rig: will be scutomoceros

Dodo rig: none

Spinosaurus rig: none

That should be all of them.

I guess this was just to say that even though the game and its amount of creatures seems like a lot, there are still a lot of things that can be added.

These are the same rig, I believe, they just have different sets of attack animations (Erlikospyx uses the pounce, Erlidom doesn’t. But they both have the same “slashing” attacks, showing that they’re the same rig)


Well now they have Andrewtops at least