A challenge

I challenge anyone to tell me one good counter to dilocheirus. I mean something you can swap in, or choose when the opponent already has dilo out. NOT getting lucky and putting out the effective counter the same time the opponent puts out their dilo when the match starts.

Is there one? Or does everything just take two or three gigantic hits without even getting a chance to hit the thing back (unless its stun fails, which happens once every blue moon).

So. Anyone?

Erlidom . Easy

Speedup>rampage dead. And if its already out and has health missing rampage first turn likrly enough to take it out

Also stegod still kills it

Considering I have seen one erliksaurus in the last 4 months, that’s not likely…

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Only if they start at the same time.

Suchatator! Bleed, and instant cripple. :slight_smile:

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dracorex gen 2. kidding

monomimus should win that fight. same speed though so no because rarity

so, you swap in sucho, take the distraction attack, then the stun locks you, then the hit and run kills you…


a higher level dilo lol

pretty much…

my only answer is my L29 ankylocodon, which can survive the swap in, but the dilo usually runs before I can kill it - only to come back and take the match later.

I hate the damn thing. More or less the new stegod - highest dilocheirus = match won.

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how about dracoceratops

slow for 3 moves

No never swap in for Dilo. Ever. That is just insanity. You sacrifice what you have to bring its hp down as much as possible.

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I did try mine out, and it might be good at a decent level… working mine up to at least 21 or 22 before I give it a real good go.

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That’s my question (and my point). Unless you get lucky and start the good counter as they start their dilo, there’s no good option.

Already told ya erldiom lol

Just because erlidom isnt available to you doesnt mean its not a counter. Iol

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