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A chance for 2 players to get really lucky in time for Gemini rewards!

We just removed 2 inactive players which means two players have the opportunity to join a casual yet very high achieving alliance.

Just in time for the awesome Gemini rewards…

So if you like the idea of -

2xlevel 20 sanctuaries
10/8 every week on alliance missions
Tier 8 or 9 on ten monthly alliance championships
Lots of raid help
A friendly and helpful discord channel

And you are willing to -

Join our discord channel
Do the ten takedowns every weekend
Contribute to the team and stay active

Send me a pm on here ASAP as these positions will soon be filled.

I can do all that! Can I join with my second account? Spinoraptor#0067

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Good to have you @DinosaursRCool

One more space left …

I’d be more then happy to join if you’ll have me! I’m online almost all the time and have been on the hunt for a more active and engaged alliance. UnreliableTripod#1337

I’m sorry but the space has been filled.
I’ll be sure to let you know if we have another space soon though .