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A chance to join a casual, yet high achieving alliance!

If you are active and you fancy joining an alliance that is casual, yet active enough to hit 10/8 most weeks and strives for level 8 in alliance championships send me a DM.

You must be willing to get the ten takedowns every tourney, and if you can join us in discord that would be great. We are part of Ark, so sanctuary rules are in place and must be observed.

So there we are, if you’re not getting the rewards you deserve send me a message!

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Hello can I join your alliance I’m an active player.
I’m a LVL 12 and I have 3800 points

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Sorry zole but we are full at the moment.

Anyone who doesn’t do the weekend tourney is likely to be kicked though, so if that happens we may have spaces next week.

Keep an eye out as I’ll resurrect the thread if we have room.

We have a few spaces after booting a few non communicative players who didn’t do the ten takedowns last week.

So if you fancy joining us please let me know!

We are an ARK alliance with level 20 sanctuaries, and have a great friendly discord channel.
10/8 weekly rewards
Level 8 tournaments rewards

Hello, I‘d like to join your alliance👌🏻 i‘m a very active player with about 5K trophies and always collect the 10 creature achievement

I have a lvl 10 account at just under 3000 stars/trophies, always do the 10 elims on tourney and constantly battle/dart Dino’s. My Wife is also looking for an alliance and is lvl 7, right now she is learning how to battle(so she doesn’t have many trophies) but she’s darted a lot of Dino’s and is learning quick. Any chance you have 2 openings we are both active.

We still have a couple of places open, so please pm me if you are looking to join us.

I do love my current alliance, as we make it work with the random jumble that we are, but I feel like I am outgrowing it. I would love to join yours. I currently have about 4,200 trophies. 2 uniques and working toward a couple more in the next few weeks!

I have messaged you :slight_smile:

We have one more place available for someone who is willing to do the ten takedowns every weekend and will communicate preferably on discord.
We are an active alliance that’s looking to get even better and usually hit 10/8 every week and have hit level 7 in the previous championships.
We don’t pretend to be hardcore at all.
Do your own thing - As long as you’re active, and as long as you don’t mess up the shared sanctuaries and do the weekend 10 takedowns it’s all a good.

Great alliance, lots of fun with great people!

Very casual and fun alliance. Great talk with everyone in the group. Come join and have some fun.

Would love join! Level 15, 4400 trophies, not extremely active in tournaments currently but always completes the 10 takedowns for alliance points

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There’s still a chance to join, but please don’t enter the tourney this week until you’ve joined us!!

One space available!

Preferably someone who hasn’t yet participated in the tournament this weekend.

I know it’s a big ask but the rewards are worth it.

Our alliance is growing ever stronger and should hit level 8 this month on rewards.

You must communicate, preferably on our discord channel, not often, just enough to be aware of what’s going on.

We are an active alliance and expect you to be too, but we are certainly not hardcore.

And obviously we do insist that player do the ten takedowns every weekend.

PM me

Hi I would like to join…i might not be that powerful but i am a very active player and getting pretty low rewards…please accept me and i will be extremely grateful

Can u please accept me and may i know ur alliance name?

Is there a need for another active player?

Yes, we now have 3 spaces as some members didn’t bother with this past weekends tournament.

Send a DM to me on here and let’s chat.

Anyone else looking to step up and get the rewards they deserve without too much pressure is welcome to message me too.

We are currently full up.
I will say if we get any more spaces .