A change for Spinoconstrictor?

Spinoconstrictor this unique snake was added to the Mid Apex tier on the Gamepress tier list, wich is an average tier for an unique

Spinoconstrictor :
HP : 3600
DMG : 1200
Speed : 122
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 10%

Pinning strike
Exploit wound
Precise Rampage

On escape evasive
Wounding counter

So for you it should gets a buff, nerf or stay the same ?

  • It should be buffed
  • It should stay the same
  • It should be nerfed

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You can shares about your ideas about the new Spinoconstrictor

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I feel to get better it has to move away from being a counter attacker

3900 HP
20 crit
0 armor
126 spd
1400 DMG

Exploit wound
Precise rampage
Distracting impact

Immune to distraction
Immune to stuns

On escape rampage

Bypassing wounding counter
(DoT 33% of opponent’s max HP for 1 turn, if the creature is immune to DoT or has full immunity, only DoT 25% of opponent’s max hp for 1 turn)


I feel like it needs a bit more health. other than that i think she is relativity fine.

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Or this. I like this.

Wait I didn’t understand
Did the counter works against the immunes creatures ?

It’s way too powerful

Oh no not more immunities we alright have enough of them man :joy:

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Also ya no immunity is also it’s only counter so alowing it to go thru is way too op

well, something has got to start the countering the immune ability. maybe 25% is too much. Maybe closer to.15?

My version of Spinoconstrictor

HP : 4050
DMG : 1150
Speed : 120
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 10%

Nullifying strike
Precise Rampage
Evasive stance
Exploit wound

Immune to Distraction
On escape bleed
(when the target try to switch, it’s swap prevented for 1 turn and receive 15% DoT for 1 turn)

Wounding counter

The thing is then spino shouldn’t be immune since it can counter immunity

i’d still take immune to distraction. stun just seems too much. really has got to be one or the other.

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I think stun would be better since it some how got Indoraptor attack out of now where :joy:

It does but it won’t be as affective on non immune dinos.

Especially with on escape rampage that way utarinex can be a good counter

The problem is immune to stuns makes non senses compare to his parents

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Ya but also it has too big of attack if it had like your rework of attack it’s fine to be immune but 1,400 and bleed (this also I problem I have with indo but that for another day)

A new Indoraptor’s topic :eyes:

Spinoconstrictor changed to be more like its ingredients

Health: 3990
Damage: 1200
Speed: 122
Critical: 10%
Armour: 0%

Cunning Strike (deal 1x damage. Nullify. Distract opponent 1 turn. No cooldown or delay)
Precise Rampage
Exploit Wound

On escape Lockdown rampage (basically no escape+on escape rampage)
Immune to Distraction
Wounding Counter

I think this would be my ideal version. I’d totally run this on my team.

Health: 3900
Attack: 1250
Speed: 124

  • Sidestep
  • Exploit Wound
  • Precise Rampage
  • Definite Shield Advantage
    On Escape Rampage
    Immune to Distraction
    Wounding Counter (note: bypasses all forms of immunity)