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A change of pace... Stop-Motion Animated Jurassic Park

Thought I would try a change of pace from yelling about boosts and the horrible Ludia matchmaking system for a moment. Instead let’s focus on why we started playing this game - dinosaurs!

In my work I have been very fortunate to work or associate with a.number of people in the film world. One of the folks I have been lucky enough to meet is Phil Tippett. As some of you may know Phil was involved with the original Jurassic Park, when the Dino’s were going to be stop-motion. He continued on when LFL went CG and many of his models were still used as input devices.

I visited Phil’s studio again a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share a few pics. Hope you enjoy them.

Okay, back to why speed boosts suck…


Thank you for sharing this! These models are so awesome! :t_rex::sauropod::blush:

Happy to share. While they never shot the stop motion footage (very long story behind all that) there are test shots on YouTube:

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Is that R2D2 in the reflection of the first photo?! If so, then awesome.

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Stop motion is so fun to watch. It really is a labor of love.

Also, I dont think I realized as a kid how unusually large those Raptors are in that scene. Lol. It must be the doors. :wink:

Definitely an R2D2 purse. :blush: I would recognize that purse anywhere! Lol

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Oh! I forgot to ask, what is the creature in the second picture?

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Typhibian, from the movie Evolution.


Amazing pics, I envy you beyond imagination that you get to work with people in this industry :slight_smile:
I recently looked up some details about how the first shots of Jurassic Park were made. Of course since this was all very new, lots of things were never done before and they had to improvise greatly with limited software and hardware. In the first test shots, it took about 12 hours per frame to render the T-rex. But the end result was so amazing that it was decided to use CGI instead of stop motion.
They had some skilled artists there, because with CGI alone you could never accomplish the quality they had in Jurassic Park those days. All the lighting and post processing was done with very limited tools and resulted in an amazing movie.
The log scene, where the T-rex barges through the log when chasing the jeep is only 75 frames and took 4 months to complete because of the complex running animation that the artist just wanted to get perfect. All very new at that time!
These days the models in the movies have virtual flesh and bones and software basically makes all the motion itself based on where the creature moves to.


What is in that second picture oml

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Thank you so much. :blush:

Yes, some great stores about how all that happened with Spaz doing the CG at ILM and the last minute switch from stop mo to CG.

Yes, that is from Evolution. Sorry was in my upload files. Have other shots too from Dragonslayer and Robocop.

Lol, yep, exactly. Though I have been lucky enough to film with R2 and C3P0.

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Oh thank god I thought it was some kind of Psitticosaurus mutant :joy:



Have more pics to post if people are at all interested. Thought it would be a nice change from all the arena nonsense.

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Of course! Bring it!

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Yes please! :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing the pictures, Ratachewy. The T-Rex one is my favourite.

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Sounds good. Will get some more uploaded tomorrow. Maybe even some robocop and other fun things…